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It's been more than 3 months since Wookie's passing. Nikki has been with us for more than a month now. They are very similar and yet so different.

Nikki has started coming to the door when I get home at night. Coming home and seeing a ball of fluff trotting to the doorway comforts me. She has not grasp my routine yet. Perhaps, soon, she will be waiting when my car draws up.

She is still quite a baby, with no concept of time and waiting. If she wants to go downstairs in the morning, she wants it NOW! Wookie, being older, contentedly lazed around in his basket whilst I get ready.

When we got Nikki, I bought a new brush for her. But now her fur has grown longer, she needs a comb. I took Wookie's comb out of the box and bits of Wookie's fur was still stuck on it. Like a huge wave, the feeling of his loss and missing him hit me.

Nikki is quite different. She is a lot less patient, more hot tempered. Her hair is less frizzy and curly. She's more independant. We took her to Dr. Ghosh. He had this habit of referring to Wookie as 'she'. Alison waited in anticipation to his reference to Nikki and when he said, 'he' it was all she could do NOT to burst out in laughter.

Truth be told, Nikki DO look like a boy. Her face is rounder, a little like an owl. Wookie had his floppy ears the stuck out a little, which makes them look like pony tails.

Nikki does not drool. Wookie used to drool a lot, especially when he gets excited. Then he will pant and gasp, consequently run to drink. Nikki just 'sips'.

I still miss him a lot. Time does not make me miss him any less. What I would give to have more time with him.

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