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A dream

Once upon a time, there were 6 girls who had a dream. They shared the dream with me, and it also became my dream.

Their dream was to enter The Dance Society's annual Solo Classical Ballet Competition. The entering bit was the easy one.

The training came along. They were a dedicated bunch. I would stay back every other Friday to train them and sleep over in the studio. But after a few times, the girls saw a rat running around and that ended my sleep overs. I just could not see myself sharing the same airspace with a rodent. I began to imagine horrible thoughts like it crawling into my sleeping bag. I will positively die!

Then I began to commute in the early hours of Saturday morning ( way past midnight of Fridays) to go home, sleep for a short while and make my way to the studio again. Each way is 50KM. But I thought it was worth it, simply because they were so willing to work at it. Pretty soon, training was also on Monday nights but it was still worth it.

Training was grueling, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Toenails turned black and come off. Muscles became sore and painful. Joints hurt. And there were, of course, panic attacks.

But they plodded on. They came and worked on their own on the weekdays. Most of them choreographed their own 2nd variation. They made their own costumes and helped each other to make them too. They also lent each other specials costumes as well.

As the weeks wore on, they grew weary and tired. It was so easy to give up but they did not. Those thoughts were definitely in play but they ran a good race and finished. It was easy to throw in the towel but they did not. It was easy to give up, but they did not. They took the long and hard road.

I had bullied, scolded, yelled, tricked and pushed them. I had also manipulated situations to cajoled them along. I had bargained and dangled carrots in front of them. But they have stuck by me.Sometimes, even I hated myself.

This weekend was the culmination of the dream. It was exhausting, both physically and mentally. So what if double pirouettes was not achieved. So what if finals was not attained. So what if a shoe fell off. The most important thing is, each and everyone of the 6 brave girls are leaps and bounds ahead from where they were before they embarked on this project.

It was tiring but it was worth it. The bond and the comradeship fostered during this project cannot be compared. It was not a dream for these 6 girls only. They shared the dream with me and with so many others in their class and in the school. That spark lit up a fire that keep a whole group of people warm and illuminated.

The dream does not die after this weekend. The dream should not be ' to enter the competition' solely. The dream should be to continue to dream on and to share this dream with everyone you touch. Your tenacity and your dedication have inspired me.

You have fought a good fight and have finished the race. Love you lots!

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