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Nikki's 1st grooming

Nikki went for her 1st grooming session on Monday. We could not take her before because she needs to have all her shots. Last week was the 3rd shot at Dr. Ghosh.

Her nails were super duper long. I have never clipped my childrens' nails, not even the human ones. I have this 'thing' about clipping nails of other people. I am always so afraid I will make a mistake and injure them.

So, Nikki has been getting her nails caught in her own fur. The other day, Alison got a fright when she was hobbling on three legs (one was caught in her own fur) Alison thought Nikki has hurt herself.

Then, there's the super long fur under her paw. She was slipping and sliding with every other step she took. Poor thing.

Here's Nikki, on the way to the groomer's.

And here is she AFTER;

She looked almost regal! But being a Cheong, this does not last long. Hardly 5-10 minutes after we got home, she was back to her usual scruffy self.


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