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nikki went to school

Today, Nikki attended her 1st obedience class. There was a question on the enrolment form which ask what am I expecting at the end of the 10-week course. I thought long and hard and come up with the conclusion - nothing really. Perhaps, a more well balanced dog.

We got up early, before the sun woke up. We are supposed to register ourselves at 8AM. So at 7 plus, a whole car, full of sleepy Cheongs (that includes the driver, Andrew) rolled towards the dog park opposite 1 Utama. When we got there, the entire place was already buzzing with happy people and excited dogs.

I proceeded to the registration counter and Andrew took Nikki from Alison, "Come, PaPa take you for a walk-walk" He put her down on the ground and she promptly PLASTERED herself to it. No amount of coaxing, tugging on the leash and encouragement will budge the her! It was as if she just froze.

That was the beginning of a whole morning of 'sits'. When we began the class proper, we were supposed to lead the dog walking in a circle and stop, then give the 'sit' command. My little girl was fantastic. She sat.

In fact, she sat throughout the whole procedure. She sat when she was supposed to walk, she sat when she was supposed to stand, she sat when she was supposed to sit! I had to drag her along, with her butt plastered on the grass. Andrew said she makes a good lawn mower. The Shih Tzu overtook her on the walk. Then the Beagle was trying to chew her tail but she still sat-walked. Then I had to allow Beagle to overtake or risk going home with a tail-less girl. A mongrel was behind her by then and she was just holding up the line so I also let it overtake us. In fact, I felt like a really slow car on the highway.

By the 3rd round, she was pawing me and looking up to me with the, "Mummy, take me home. I've had enough. I don't like this place. It is hell with grass! Please............."

On the way home, Alison and I sang the Gumby Cat from Cats -  'she sits and sits and sits and sits, and that's what makes a Gumby Dog'. Andrew and I decided that it is going to be a challenging 10 weeks. And if she does not complete the course for reasons like if I am unable to take her on some weekends or for whatever other reasons, it is alright. It will be just a different experience for her.

This afternoon, a very exhausted Mummy and baby girl slept like logs.

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