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Cut off my legs and fly

I love to write. Some people have told me I write well but I think I am quite an average writer. The reason it seemed I write well is probably because I write what's in my heart, or write about things that matters to me. 

My Alison finishes her Journalism course next month. Thereafter, she will do her 3-month internship and become a full-fledged journalist. 

Reason for this post is, if I were a journalist, will I be able to express myself just as well? As part of her training, Alison was required to write a few articles and pieces of news. I looked at the subjects, they were diversified but she managed to churn them out. 

For example, would I be able to cover a story about, ermmmmm, cars and engines or a sports event or lizard event! Will I be impartial? They say that the pen is more powerful than a sword. Will I be able to convert a whole horde of people into an Anti-Lizard generation?

However, the best part is, I do not need to. I shall only need to write about things that matter to me. My experiences, thoughts, my fears and joys and my aspirations. 

Tomorrow, I embark on a new journey of my life. Although it feels the same, it may be different. All the uncertainties, the doubts, the questions, the fears.....

I shall always remember a story from Roald Dahl, one of my favourite writer. He wrote a story about a man who wanted to fly. But he felt weight down by his legs. So he cut off his legs and was free to soar. It may not mean legs in a physical form but figuratively, it could mean baggage, issues - real or otherwise. Perhaps I should cut off mine and fly.

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