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Another milestone

This is the month I cross another milestone in my life. And after I did, there was no difference. Yes, it's absolutely true, it's just a number. 

But crossing it had been interesting. There were a few things which I discovered; most of us are now depending on FaceBook to remind us of birthdays and such. When it does not, one tend to slip-slide and not know. Birthdays are also for others, not just the birthday person. It makes one feel good about remembering and doing something nice for the birthday person. 

My Advanced students planned a small surprise for me at the food court opposite the studio. I was lured there on the pretext of having tomyam noodles for supper after class. While I was tucking in to my noodles, I heard "Happy Birthday to you"....... My thoughts were, Óh, someone else has a birthday on the day before me!' '(It was the day before, hence I did not suspect) Then I looked up and saw this bunch of people walking towards me with a cake - candles and all!

Wishes were made, candles were blown ( it was not a very big cake and so they were wise not to place the actual number of candles or else there will be no cake space left ) , cake was cut and while munching on it, someone said, "Oh! Hwan Haw is not here yet!" Amazing! But he came eventually and helped with cake disposal. Jokes were bantered back and forth, pictures were taken. I was given this huge bunch of lillies from Ching Li and Yee Min. It is just SO NICE that Ching Li remembered that I like lilies. 

Then on the actual day ( the next day ) I had classes and it was lovely to be sung to, over and over again. Birthday hugs etc, etc, etc........ There were gifts - statement T-shirts from Jie Si and Bee Hong as well. Yen Nee lovingly brought over a slice of cake and a audio plug in the shape of the StarBucks tumbler! My coffee reputation has surpassed beyond. 

That evening, Andrew told me that we are going out to dinner. I allowed myself to be driven to PJ. When I got to the restaurant, I needed to pee so bad, I walked inside, before the waitress could enquire anything from me, I was heading for the toilet like an arrow! Apparently, my family was waiting, cameras, flowers and gifts galore, hiding at some strategic spot waiting to jump out and yell, "Surprise!" But they sort of saw the back of me, semi-trotting towards the loo! Therefore, they had to re-group, in front of the toilet, to do the "Surprise" thing! I think this is, indeed, very memorable!

I had balloons, 2 cakes, lots of scrumptious food but most of all, I had my family with me. I was specially happy to have my parents with me that night at dinner. They have not attended any of my birthdays for years. It meant a lot to me to have them there that night.

The special cake was SO delicious and huge! I have so many presents, huge StarBucks mug, new purse, new phone cover, bears, a HUGE toy dog, a dress watch............... I am truly blessed.

But my birthday celebrations did not end on that day. It went on with lunch treats from Patrick and Wei Cheng. I think I must have put on all those weight I had lost over the past few months!

Indeed, I feel very blessed. I always think that one knows how many lives a person has touched by the turnout at one's funeral. But by then, I am dead and I shall not be able to truly appreciate the love. Hence, perhaps, birthdays are also times when one can gauge one's 'touching lives' ability. Perhaps not in a big picture but a small glimpse of it. Thank you.

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