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10 days ago, I went to watch a musical, Princess Wen Cheng. Lately I had been thinking about what she must have experienced.

She was sent off to marry a Tibetan king. She left home and her familiar surroundings, travelled thousands of miles to a strange land with strange customs and definitely strange tongue. How she must have felt totally cut off from everything. I wondered how she coped. How did she communicate in that strange land. Did she have to learn the language? Was she laughed at when she mispronounced or grammatically misused certain words?

One does not have to travel far to experience these things. In our land of multi tongues, one feels that too. Every language has its special code. When one is fluent in it, one has the key. The rest of the world can only guess or try to deduce what it is. Most of the time, when one tries to penetrate through, it has a near impossible multi sections of trapdoors, not unlike those from 'Get Smart'. You attempt to understand a certain word, perhaps in order to try and familiarize with it, you may try to use it. Ultimately, since you are not proficient with the language, it was not used properly and trapdoor number one slams shut - being laughed at. Then you feel almost too embarrassed to use it ever again.

Trapdoor number two; you try to use the key. The members looks at you in a strange sort of way, with a "What is she trying to do? Why is she trying to open that door? What right does she have to hold that key?" And ultimately, members, hummed and ahhh-ed and moved away to a better location where breach may not occur. 

Trapdoor number three; Members lock the doors in lightning speed succession, thus confusing you as to which key will fit into which door and you will HAVE TO give up.

But I am sure Princess Wen Cheng did not have such problems. She must have been revered and held at the highest esteem. She must have had help from everybody. But was she laughed at, behind her back? I am sure, no matter how accepted she was, she must have always been considered an outsider.

Then there's Ariel, The Little Mermaid. In the cartoon, she speaks English with an American accent. She understands the language of the species with legs perfectly. But in reality, I am sure she speaks 'fishy language', with perhaps, gurgles and bloops. Therefore, would Eric, The Prince have been able to live in fish world? ( assuming he can breathe underwater) Or would he have been totally out of place. And for example, if Ariel can speak 'leg language' and Eric lives in the sea, Ariel would have been the only person, oops, fish he can communicate with. How would he have felt? Or if Ariel began to live on land with her tail, how will she move around? Would she require Eric to carry her everywhere she needed to go? Would he, after a certain period of time, consider her a burden?

The conclusion is, no matter where one is, one is never truly included. One may be accepted but one shall always remain an outsider.

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