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Singapore 2012

This trip was planned shortly before my long, long 10-days ISP in August. Those were days I live on coffee ( do I hear sneers like, what? And you don't now??) Well, technically, I am now living on coffee AND other stuff! 

Anyways, I needed something to spur me on, to look forward to. Something to dream about when the going gets tough. 

The main purpose for the trip was to watch the ballet, Áspects of Love' by a team of international dancers - Russians, Americans, English, French, Chinese....... did I leave anybody out? And it was a great performance. Some interesting choreographies, amazing lighting and fantastic dancing. 

I went to Singapore with Bee Hong and Wei Cheng. I could not have asked for more fun companions. Loads of laughter, loads of adventure and loads of pictures. I have improved in cam-whoring techniques tremendously. Thanks to Wei Cheng, my personal tour coordinator, days were planned in details and we maximised out time there. Singapore is almost Bee Hong's 2nd home and hence, whenever I walked into MRT station, I don't have to worry about which train to hop into or where to alight. Except for the 1st journey. Silly me decided to use my brain and we got separated.

After the performance, we went for soya with Kin Wee. Kin Wee and I go back a long way. Our mutual love for ballet/ dance has bonded us with this unique friendship of whenever we meet up, we can talk forever, literally into the wee hours. And so after supper, we decided to go to Mustafa Store, which is quite a unique establishment. They are open 24 hours and they have absolutely everything under the sun there. Things are pretty disorganised as well, but when one asks for a certain item, the staff actually can find them in a jiffy! Electrical supplies are on the same aisle as hair assessories! 

Kin Wee told us Mustafa is only 20 minutes' walk from supper. So we walked. Bee Hong and I were totting on high heels. But 20 minutes turned out to be 40! By the time we left Mustafa, it was close to midnight. We proceeded to walk back to the hotel in Bencoolen. That felt like the longest walk I have ever made in my entire life! 

Technically, it was not, the longest walk , I mean. I remembered walking home from college during one of those London transport strike days. It took me almost 2 hours. And those days, I walk FAST!

But I digressed. Back to Singapore and that long walk night. So we walked, and walked, AND WALKED. Bee Hong and Wei Cheng have longer legs and therefore, they walked much faster. It felt as if they were getting further and further away from me. At some point, I wanted to give up and hail a cab. I called out to them but they were so far away, they didn't hear! So I plodded on. Wei Cheng used my phone GPS to find the shortest way back. Shortest way meant back roads, cutting through more quiet neighbourhood. By now, it's way past midnight, alone ( they were so far ahead of me!) in a strange place.  It was pretty darn scary. Tears? Well, eyes were not dry. 

Then, we saw civilization! There were more traffic and the road was wider. Wei Cheng and Bee Hong was waiting for me at a traffic light junction. They told me the hotel is just down the road. But, boy! It was a long road. Needless to say, we all slept like a log that night!

The next day, the next day was like one of my happiest day in my life! I went to Universal Studios Singapore. I had not expected to enjoy it so much! I enjoyed the rides, the thrills, the sights. The laughter and the experiences. I went to the Shrek 4-D, got sprayed on with water, had 'spiders' flutter by my legs. But mostly harmless little thrills. 

The next ride was The Mummy. I actually did not know it was a ride. We just walked for a long, long time after the entrance through a maze. It actually got quite creepy because it seemed as if we were the only 3 people in that entire place. Then we hit the queue and then, it was there I found out it was a ride. But there's no turning back. I absolutely refused to walk through that creepy maze again. The Mummy ride was fun but I kind of forgot what it was now, after I took Transformer. 

The queue for Transformer was very long and there were 'technical problems' which made waiting even longer. We waited for more than an hour and there were many who left. But I am glad we persevered. And during that long wait, I took loads of pictures, of course. There was just nothing else to do! Words cannot do the Transformer ride justice. The surreal experience was nothing I have ever been through before. But this is what I imagine the future of the movies are going to be like. In the future, when we watch a war movie, we are going to be IN the battlefield. There will be action all around us. We can turn ourselves and see different scenes happening. But I digressed again. Back to Transformers, the waves upon waves of different sensations seemed to wash through me. The excitement, the thrills........... I do so want to go on it again!

After that, Wei Cheng and Bee Hong went for the BattleStar ride. I decided to give it a miss this time. The next time, I shall definitely give that a try. Then we went for a very tame Madagascar ride. At the very last bit, there was a cascade of water in our path. We screamed, not wanting to get wet, clamoured about looking for something to cover ourselves. Wei Cheng madly dug deep into his backpack for my umbrella but did not get it. The suddenly Bee Hong screamed VERY loudly! A scarf from the lady in front flew off into her! 

The very last ride we took was the Jurassic Park water raft ride. I told Bee Hong, if I don't go on this one, I shall not leave. Jurassic Park had been one of my favourite all-time movie. I went to the cinema 6 or 7 times to watch it! We were warned that we will get wet. To purchase the raincoat, one has to part with SGD3, and it seemed to us a pretty hefty sum to pay for something which we shall throw away after that. So we decided that it's not going to be that bad. And, yup, we got VERY wet. But they had drying pods. We stuffed ourselves into one and 'baked'ourselves dry, or relatively dry. 

By then, the park closed but we stayed on to wait for the Crane Dance, a beautiful display of 2 mechanical crane 'dancing' on the lake. It was a performance of lighting and water spray patterns. The synchronization was wonderful.

On the 3rd day, we did the Science Centre. Unfortunately, it was a public holiday and there was a sea of children there. They sort of hang on to certain exhibit areas, trying and re-trying them without ever giving others ( meaning me) a chance. It was a very hot day, Bee Hong wanted to jump into the fountain. Then, we sort of dared each other to do it. And we did! Wei Cheng even did his double tours - 3 times! Then we took a very long train ride from one end of Singapore island to the other to get to the airport. 

I was determined to have fun and enjoy myself and I did. But I think my company had a lot to do with it. Thank you, Wei Cheng. Thank you, Bee Hong. The next time, when I go to USS, I shall want to go on the Transformer at least 3 times! And I do not want to wait till next year!

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