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Each day, each minute, we are required to make decisions. Whether to wake up or not, to eat or not, what to eat, to stop at the junction or to try and beat the light, to say yes or no.

I think the most difficult decisions are those whereby one has to make for long term commitments. These are decision which will affect one's life and all those around for a long time to come. 

There's this one decision of which I had been mulling about for a long, long time. This is such a difficult one to make. My heart tells me to go for it, my head says NO! I always tell others to go with their heart. More often than not, it will turn out to be the right decision. But in this case, it may not be so.

I have had to make the very same one many years ago, and it had caused much heartache and tears. Disappointments and dejections were not easy to bear. But one may say, it may be different this time. I seriously doubt it. 

Perhaps the question should be, if I say 'yes' would it make a difference? Will I be able to make a difference? Or will nothing change and I just place myself for yet another round of disappointments, dejections and frustrations. 

If I say yes, it shall be almost a long term commitment. Perhaps, forever? Forever seemed to have such a ring of finality to it. I am thinking, if I do say, yes, it shall not be for the right reasons. It shall be a decision made definitely with the heart and one which the brain may reprimand in the near future.

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