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Nikki, The Defender of the Universe, oops, Home

My little Nikki has grown. In size and also in stature. 

These days, she will sit at the door, looking out and bark at anything which she does not see fit. It might be a lousy piece of leaf or a bit of plastic. It may be the neighbourhood strays but more often than not, it's my neighbour's cats.

When Wookie was alive, they used to come over to our house, peep into the house, catch Wookie's attention then saunters away, leaving a frustrated pup barking incessantly. These days with Nikki, the cats have taken it a step further. They will lie under the car on the porch and STARE at her. 

This, of course, drives Nikki crazy. The cat, usually the bushy tail one, will give her the LOOK that says, "Nyeh! Nyeh! Nyeh! You can't get out! I am safe here. Ha Ha Ha!" 

Right now, there's a stray dog lying underneath my car parked outside the gate. Nikki's NOT happy. So it's Super Mummy to the rescue and I managed to 'shoo' it away. But how long before it comes back? I mean how many houses in this area has a comfy únder the car spot' 'with a sexy girl pup barking away at him ( I am assuming it's a him) 

So now, she lies at my feet, happy and relaxed, then suddenly she pops up, runs to the doorway and looks to make sure her home is still defended. Quite cute, really considering the fact that she's so tiny and some of the neighbourhood cats are bigger than her.

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