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pas de deux

Pas de deux simply means a dance for two people. 

I have not experimented much any other dances for two besides ballet and contemporary but I imagine the rule is still the same. When one dances with another, it is no longer a dance for two people, it becomes a dance of two people moving as one. In order to do that, one must understand and be able to 'see' what the other may do in order to move in a symbiotic manner. In order to do that, one must also trust the partner completely. 

Back in the days of Nineteen Nought Nought ( as my friend Cynthia will always say ) during my Pas De Deux classes, we used to have to practise with many different partners. There will always be some partners whom I dance very well with, and some others, very awkwardly. Years later, I reflected and discovered that I had not trusted those whom I danced awkwardly with. There was this guy, Sean, who will come into class, looking sleepy, perhaps drunk or even stoned. Then there was this other guy (the name whom I have forgotten) who looks absolutely nervous and therefore does not exude the attitude of confidence that he will be able to hold me securely. Then there's Dennis, whom nobody wants to partner with because they do not have the assurance that he will hold or catch them but I do not feel the same way. If I had to jump off a balcony, I KNOW he will catch me. 

I think it all boils down to relationship both in and out of the dance class/stage. I have known dancers who are partners on stage but do not even talk to each other when they are not dancing. Needless to say, that partnership did not last. 

But I am not only talking about pas de deux as in dance. I think this applies to almost any other activity and relationships. For example, when two people walk, one may be taller and the other shorter, but both shall come to a compromise and walk in tandem, with the taller person taking smaller steps and the shorter striding a little more. 

Likewise, in partnerships, we are all individuals, moving to the beat of our own drums, but we live in a community and we relate and integrate with others. Therefore, we need to learn to harmonise and sync ourselves to the beats of others' drums as well. Perhaps, this way, we may create a wonderful symphony of drum beats, beating as individuals with a distinctive rhythm and with the underlying bass line from which we move as ONE.

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