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Thank You So Very Much

Everybody loves to be appreciated. Every once in a while, a refreshing gesture of appreciation sort of gushes through and lifts one to an ecstatic high.

Today was one of those days. I have never met Luna’s Dad before but today, he popped over and brought her a be-early birthday present. Later in the afternoon, while Luna was busy dancing in my class; her phone rang, many times. All of which I did not hear. Joyce swore that she felt the vibration. She must moonlight as an earthquake detector.

During one of the short breaks in class, to allow them to drink some water or just to catch their breath, Luna returned the missed calls. I asked her if everything is ok and she told me her dad called 3 times and asked if my name is Irene Gan.

Irene Gan? Now how did THAT come about? Then, I thought, perhaps Luna’s dad has an ex- colleague by that name that looks like me. I do have a common face.

When we finished classes, Luna’s dad came by to pick her up. He had with him, a very nice paper bag and he gave it to me. I felt overwhelmed. I did not see that coming! In it, was a lovely little hand phone pouch and a most lovely written ‘thank you’ card.

In it was written;

“Dear Katy,

I’m delighted to learn that you are Luna’s teacher. I heard so many wonderful things about you from her, no doubt I have not seen your class in session I understand your teaching style really engaged the kids and gets them pump up and excited about learning. It’s wonderful to see Luna come home in a happy mood with wonderful things to say about you.

I appreciate of your hard work and the positive learning environment you have provided for your students.

Thank you very much for being such a lovely teacher.”

 Of course it does not mean that I have not been appreciated but I think this affected me because I had not expected anything today. Today, was a sort of ordinary work, work, work Saturday except perhaps a few 'cannot breathe' moments. I honestly do not know how that got triggered. I do not feel particularly stressed, neither was today any extra stressful. I have given up trying to figure out the trigger factors. But, this is another story.

Right now, I wish to thank Luna and her dad for making my day. Some days, there will be doubts in my mind;

Am I doing the right thing? Have I delivered it well? Is this the effective method? Is this getting across? 

Then, out of the blue, affirmations comes along and spurs me on to plan more stupendous adventures for my students. 


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