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Last night, I watched the latest Bond movie, Skyfall and nearly 24 hours later, I am still niggled with questions.

This year is the 50th anniversary of James Bond movies. I can't believe that they have been around for 50 years. Or, perhaps, it's the 50th anniversary of James Bond, the book/story/character. And so, according to my personal Bond expert, they are trying to tie the the movie to its original characters etc.

I have never thought Daniel Craig as the Bond image. To me, Pierce Brosnan represents the ultimate Bond - suave, slick, smooth and not to mention handsome.When I first began watching Bond movies, Roger Moore was the James Bond. He was the 'joker Bond' He brought his own 'joker' personality to there character. Sean Connery, according the many, was the ultimate Bond but I thought when he played Bond, which was in his younger days, he was not as charming and sexy as he became in later years. He is, indeed, like wine.

Then there was Timothy Dalton, a Bond whom I cannot comment simply because I never liked that 2 Bond movies and there was also a 'bastard' one in between those made with Sean Connery by George Lazenby. That, too, I can't comment.

So, back to Skyfall. The huge billboard of Daniel Craig loomed all over town months before. He looked bigger and better. Since it's a Bond movie, it's a MUST to catch it on the big screen.

But I left the cinema a little wanting. The story line seemed a little disjointed. I am wondering if this is due to over-enthusiastic censorship. As usual, the villain's reason for being villainy cannot be fathomed. That, I must say, followed the tradition of all Bond movies. The Bond girl ( the sexy one, not the one which is actually productive) appeared for just a short while before she got killed, thus cutting sexy very scantily dressed female scenes. Or perhaps there were more but it got chopped off during censorship!

Then, there were very strange disjointed change of scenes, which made me a little puzzled. Again, perhaps the joinings got caught in censorships again. 

In this Bond movie, we were introduced to a new M. We also found out why Judi Dench's M was called M. We met the geeky Q ( short for Quartermaster, I think) And I must say, his was the only attractive character to me in the entire movie. Then, there's Moneypenny, of course.

The cinema was quite full last night. Afterall, it opened only on Thursday. But the man in front of me, snored through half the movie, VERY loudly. Quite a lot of the audience were tickled by that, actually. The movie WAS slow moving. There were more 'talks' than action. 

But, with it being a Bond movie, I had a good time. The company was good, there were actions ( whatever little there were), pretty girls, nice sceneries and settings but sorely lacking in attractive men. Still, it's a Bond movie! 

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