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Sing a song of sixpence

I love to sing. I am not good at all but I love it. When I sing, I sort of gets lifted into a different level. My heart soars and perhaps so does my feet, or when I drive, it will be the wheels. Which makes sense because that is the root of my speeding tickets problems. Therefore, it was not me but my singing ( I should plead this to the police ) 

But this posting is about how a song gets stuck in your brain and it is just, stuck! Lately, I look at my Nikki and the song, Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof, sort of burst out from me. Where and how it came about, I honestly do not know. She's more the "You are the Sunshine of my life" 

Then there's the "Dream a little dream" which is sort of stuck in me for quite a long while.

Everytime a song comes to mind and when I sing it, I try to find out how and why it jumped into my head. Then, there's the other way round - when one hears a song, one sort of gets tranported elsewhere, often to the time when one is marinated in that song. And often, people, incidents be it happy, sad or bittersweet creeps into the mind. 

Ah, well I shall dream a little dream some more.

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