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It’s amazing how the human mind works. I was driving home in the heavy rain just yesterday and driving is a rather boring affair, therefore I allowed my mind to wander a little.

It sort of wandered into the movie land (it always seem to do so) I thought about the ‘driving in the heavy rain scene’ Janet Leigh’s character had just embezzled what I considered pittance and fled. I can’t quite remember how much it was but I remembered thinking, “What! She risked everything for that amount only?”

Then, the mind wandered into thinking, how come I cannot remember the character’s name whereas Anthony Perkins was always ‘Norman Bates’.

Back to the heavy rain, I thought about how Janet Leigh’s character must have felt. She had taken a sum of money which was not hers. She’s on the run. What was she more afraid of, the law, of being caught, consequences or just the driving in that heavy rain? As for me, it would most probably be driving in the heavy rain.

I simply could not see in front of me. The wipers could be going on super speed but it would not have cleared my vision. It will just probably make me dizzy, swishing about so frantically. Then, there is this situation with my car. For the past many times, when I had to drive in heavy rain, the electronics go haywire. The dashboard indicators go on and off, blinking away. The “check” sign comes on, making me an absolute nervous wreck, wondering what is it that I am supposed to check on, or if the engine will explode or I will lose control of the car, killing myself and anybody that was unfortunate to be around me or the car at that time.

Hence, while all these were going through my mind, it wandered back to Psycho and Bates’ Motel. No wonder Janet Leigh’s character (I still can’t remember the name) needed to take a shower. After being in that horrible rain, she must have desperately wanted a hot shower. Perhaps she felt ‘dirty’. After all, stealing IS dirty business.

Later, during dinner, there was a spectacular, spectacular display of thunder and lightning show in the sky. The thunders were thunderous and the sky lit up in flashes of electrifying surges. It was both exciting and scary.

My mind seemed to be wandering everywhere. I meant to talk about how come I remember the name of Anthony Perkin’s character but not Janet Leigh. 

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