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Hong Kong Disneyland

But of course I travelled to many different other places recently but I chose to focus on Disneyland, simply because it had been a childhood dream of mine, to visit Disneyland.

Many people have told me that the Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the smallest but I do not really care. The fact that I was able to go thrilled me to bits. David and Putri so very kindly took me on this trip. 

A friend of mine, Irene suspects that there's definitely a role reversal here and I am not denying. I was riding carousel horses, going on dizzying rides while David happily snaps pictures of his mother screaming deliriously with joy/fear/excitement!

Ask me which of Disney's character is my favourite and I simply cannot tell. They were just, somehow, in existence with me for all my life. I remember when I was young, my father bought my brother and I tickets to Disney on Ice, one of the very first ones that came to Malaysia. We sat on the very front row, with our feet practically on the ice. I was thrilled!

I remember my mum taking me to Sleeping Beauty (the Disney cartoon version ) at th cinema. Another thrilling adventure.

All through the years growing up, I will be watching Disney movies and cartoons on the TV, dreaming that one day, I shall be able to go one day.

The weather on both the days we were there was perfect. It was drizzling all the while but it did not matter. It only made the entire scenario more surreal to me. I was in a different country, in a different environment, in a Magical Kingdom where every person's childhood is reawaken. 

One of the very first things we noticed were birds. There were lots of birds in Disneyland. They sing and chirp, almost a la Snow White style. And the amazing thing was, we did not see bird poo! It's almost as if they don't poo, or as we later notice, it was because they had lots of cleaners walking about, cleaning and attempting to maintain the 'magical' perfect atmosphere.

The rides were a lot tamer than those I had at Universal Studios Singapore but I suppose, it IS a different kind of park. I enjoyed the Phihar Magic 4D show. There was a whole group of school children who were sitting in front of us, I saw them lifting their hands trying to grab the cakes and sweets that was simulatingly thrown at us. I must confess I also reached out once or twice. The songs from the different Disney cartoon movies were definitely 'sing-a-longs'. The Lion King show was indeed very entertaining too.

The Winne-the-Pooh ride was tamer than tame but it was fun. The Small world was also another kiddy ride. For most of the more ádventurous' rides, I was doing it on my own. David swore that I 'broke' him after I took him to a mini roller coaster ride at Sunway Lagoon when he was 8. After that he never took another ride! I went on the Space Mountain - no comment. Then on the 2nd day, we went to Toy Storyland and I took the Parachute Drop - erm, no comment too. In my opinion, the most blood rushing ride for me was the RC Racer. David actually took out his telephoto lens and took a picture of me with my eyes shut tight and my mouth wide open! I might even do it again!

I think my visit to Disneyland was not about the rides. It was the entire atmosphere, to be blasted into another world. It's an almost perfect one. There was a little cafe where we had lunch. The waitresses were dressed in some mid-Western American long dresses. They had a sort of conservatory-like area where diners can sit and sip tea and watch the world go by. There were park benches all over the park for people to sit, take a breather or just to absorb the magic. The Main Street parade was not a very long one but it was fun. The nightly fireworks was breath-taking. 

It was a magical, wonderful time. This will definitely spur me on to explore other Disneylands. And I will also definitely return to this one. It may be small but it's my first and it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

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