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Several months ago, my friend, Cindy took me to Tambun for an overnight trip. She wanted me to 'get away'. I think I was tearing everybody's head off, including my own, at that period of time. 

I discovered Hot Springs and Ipoh food. Then, I thought my Advanced students may like a getaway trip like that too. 

We set off early and took a leisurely drive to the north. Pei Wun drove one car and I drove the other. Hwan Haw was to meet us there in the afternoon. Going to the train station to meet him was an adventure on its own, not succumbing to the nervousness of not know where to go and how to find it. 

The first stop was lunch at MacDonald's, yup, boring. But that means more time at the Lost World of Tambun theme park. For most, the rides were quite kiddy. The walks were more interesting. They had a tiger feeding show but the tigers do not look very happy and therefore, I did not stay. I suppose if I were the tigers, I should not feel very happy either. Imagine people watching you eat at every meal. And to be thrown food to catch. If I were a tiger, I would like to stalk, hunt and chase my own food. I would like to blend into the tall grasslands, to observe my 'food' feed and get fat. I will wait till my prey become complacent and relaxed. I will wait and I will leap out from the shadows and sprint towards my prey and before they know what was going on, I shall pounce on their back, digging my claws deep into its flesh. I shall sink my sharp teeth into its neck and with a whip of my head, jerking my prey's head and cause it to fall to it's side with imbalance. I shall continue to bite deep, allowing its blood to flow crimson to the ground. Oh wait! This is about Tambun/Ipoh. Not game hunting!

We saw many different animals there too, particularly in the aviary. There were peacocks, swans, Mandarin ducks, guinea fowls. Some of the girls got quite creeped out with them and left. 

The nice thing about this theme park is that there are many different activities for different people. As for me, I decided that I shall soak in the hot spring. I went to my favourite pool, the Crystal pool and parked there.  I spent a good part of the time, soaking in the pool and also napping on the deck lounge. Bliss! The others went on the tube ride. 

That evening, we attacked Ipoh Chicken/Tauge Rice. Yes, it WAS delicious! Then it was game time.  There were plenty of snacks during game time. Wei Cheng brought some snazzy Uno game sets which had a 'wow' effect on the lesser initiated like me. There were plenty of laughter too. 

We continued our gastronomic journey the next morning with Dim Sum. The journey ended with Ipoh Hor Fun and yes, it was great. Although, we were disappointed because the famous soya place, Funny Mountain and also the BEST salted chicken was not open. I have no doubt, we all had our fill. Some even managed to get boxes of Kaya Puff to take home to families.

The drive home was particularly stressful, for me anyways, because it was raining heavily. The car brakes were making very strange noises and hence, I decided not to ask Wei Cheng, my car's alternate driver, to take over. Then, today, the entire central locking system went haywire. The locks kept popping open. *sigh* I wonder if a new car will drop out of the sky my way.

There were 10 of us for this trip. 9 very different and unique people. Some have been with me since they were 3 and some, only recently. One of my reasons for this trip is to foster stronger friendship and comradeship amongst them. Therefore, although some activities did not go according to plan, the conversations and the catching up amongst individual little groups shall, I hope, improve relationships and understanding. But mostly, I hope they enjoyed themselves.

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