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I could get used to these sort of life. I am talking about the day I had today.

I woke up at a leisurely time (this means not being alarmed-woken) Got ready leisurely too and set off into the days chosen activities in an unhurried manner.

Re-newing the business license is a breeze. Parting with so much money was not. But the thought of going to Miss Ellie Tea House for scrumptious food and catch-ups with friends made the pain go away.

Miss Ellie Tea House was opened 3 days ago. This establishment was set up by my friend, Nancy and her chef son, Justin. Those several hours I spent there was indeed lovely. I caught up with many friends. The atmosphere was cosy. This is THE place for catching ups and gossips. 

For my menu today, I had the Beef Casserole with Irish Breakfast tea. I've had many an English Breakfast but never the Irish. I did ask Ju if he will serve it with the Irish Jig but we decided that if he really did the Jig, there will probably not be much tea left in the pot! The Beef Casserole was juicy and hearty. The mash was not mushy. The unusual side that came along was pumpkin, which I loved.

Then, Ang came in and we had scones. I must say that scones for dessert was a little on the heavy side but it was also something NOT to be missed at Miss Ellie's. After that, I literally rolled out and into my car. Then, my car also sort of rolled back into Klang - rather heavily.

Then, I decided that I would like to go for a massage. How more blissful life can be? Great lunch, lovely catch up with friends and to a massage! To finish off the day, we went for a great dinner at Lan Je with the delicious steamed tilapia - yums!

This is just the sort of day one dreams about. How fantastic it will be if it happens more often.

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