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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is good. One needs to spring clean every once in a while. It is a way to keep ourselves in check both in terms of being neat and clean and especially to re-assess ourselves too, throwing away what we do not need to make room for what we need.

Yesterday was one of those days. This spring cleaning session had been long overdue. 2012 have been a year of madness, in terms of busy-ness. Most of the time, I do a spring clean after every 'project', be it a course, exam or just generally after a busy period. But for the past year, projects/ busy periods was coming one after another and more often than not, overlapping each other. There was absolutely no time to do any. Hence, the mess have accumalated.

I began by re-arranging the book shelves. When I moved one of them, I found Wookie's silicone bone. A huge flood of emotions swept over me, again. All those missing him feelings engulfed me. I had not felt it that bad for a long time now. Again, I maintain, I love Nikki VERY MUCH but it does not mean she replaces Baby. Baby will always be, Baby.

We are a family of "collectors". We collects StarBucks mugs and tumblers. Coke cans and bottles are also collected. Cat figurines, liquors...... the list goes on. So, since our StarBucks merchandise have increased in leaps and bounds, I decide that the book shelf in the spare room must come out and be spring cleaned to make room to display our extensive collection. 

I pulled, tugged and pushed. I used all sorts of ways to move it. And moved it did, slowly but surely. Nikki was all excited to witness all these activities. She was observing carefully but lost interest after a while and went to get a drink of water. I am so glad she did.

Not a few minutes after she walked away the entire bookshelf collapsed, fell over and crashed onto the ground! It broke beyond repair. Had Nikki not moved away, she would have been very badly hurt. And had I been on the other side of the cupboard, I, too, would have been hurt. All its contents fell with it, scattered into a twisted heap - books, files, CDs, bits of this and that. When I stared at the huge mess, I wondered where to begin. I was already very tired from the earlier tidying.

To cut the long story short, all I did was pick up the stuff, stacked them up on the floor in the spare room. Close the door and not wanting to think about it. Vacuumed and mopped the floor. Took a shower and left the house. I was too exhausted to even think about it.

I suppose at some point or other, I should continue with the spring cleaning. But at this moment, I need to recover from the EPIC FAILURE attempt of yesterday. Yup, spring cleaning is a very dangerous activity. 

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