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Not being able to say 'goodbye'

I have been on a movie binge lately. I am never one to cringe at watching movies alone. But of course, if there's a companion, it's always more fun. This is not always to case. Teaching has rendered my schedules unfriendly and most people have long abandoned the idea of asking  me out for meals/movies etc.

The bingeing began with Hobbit. It has been on my long-awaited list. I watched The Hobbit with Kenneth. It was a day of catching up with us. We do this every once in a while, making sure we are both still alive, generally discussing what's going on with our lives. This time, to have lunch AND movie was a treat indeed. The movie? I will admit I was a little disappointed. It was so 'draggy' and it was trying to re-create the magic of the Lord Of The Rings. Those 'wow' and óooo moments were once more put into the movie. But producers forget that one feels the 'wow' because it was new and different and to create the 'wow' moments again, one needs to explore other facets.

Then, on Christmas Eve,  I watched Jack Reacher. I enjoyed this tremendously and not because it's Tom Cruise, although it being Tom Cruise does have a certain amount of thrill in it. The problem of being a 'star' is that people sometimes freezes you to certain movies/roles/age/era/types. With Tom Cruise, he had starred in so many movies but for most, people will 'freeze' him at Top Gun. I enjoyed Vanilla Sky but I don't think I enjoyed his Mission Impossibles. He has aged considerably in this movie. I suppose I SHOULD expect that. After all, he is the same age as I and I HAVE aged considerably. Back to the movie, Jack Reacher - good storyline, mystery. A good amount of action and intelligent dialogue. Yeah! Recommended!

That same night, I watched Lés Misérables and I was blown away. I have never watched the musical before but I have listened to the CDs countless times. Mesmerised by the songs. But to watch it unfold on the big screen. Yeah! Definitely worth the second watch. 

Today, I watched The Life of Pi. To those people whom have recommended it to me, I am NOT thanking you. I am not thanking you, not because it was not good. It was great. I loved the beautiful scenes and the storyline too. But I am not thanking you because it has made me sad, very very sad. I began to think of all those people whom I was not able to say 'goodbye' to, those people whom I HAVE said goodbyes but miss tremendously even after that fact. I thought about Wookie, how much I miss him still.

It left me with a sense of longing and emptiness, thinking about them, missing them..... But back to the movie. I shall HAVE to read the book. Perhaps it shall be clearer. But will it make me all sad again??? My take on it is, the story he gave the insurance adjustors was probably the true story. But the one with Richard Parker in it is definitely more beautiful. Did it make me question my faith? My religion? Not really. It did make me think about fears, sheer will and mutual respect. Understanding only comes about when we respect one another. Otherwise, it will not happen.

This movie binge should linger for a while. For me, it will enrich my life, to escape into a dark hall, to be blasted into another land/world. To live differently, even if it's for a few hours.

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