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A Ballet Teacher's Rant!

This post is dedicated to all my ballet teacher friends.

Ballet Teachers are 2nd class citizens. No, I think perhaps 3rd class. No, no, no, I think we are much lower than that.

What brought this feeling of 'lowness' on? Examinations are just round the corner. Us at DanceArt ( the teachers, I mean ) have become rather anxious about non-attendance. These students do not disappear for a lesson or two. There was one whom I have not seen since Chinese New Year!

When asked, she tells me there's extra tuition classes. So then I asked her, "How come you did not tell your tuition teacher you have ballet class?"


I then asked her, "Is it because tuition teacher is fiercer? Ballet teachers are easy to bully? Don't you think ALL your teachers deserve equal respect? After all, we have been having ballet lessons at that time for years. Why is it, when your tuition teacher decides at her whim to have a replacement class at that time do you just upped and not turn up for your ballet class?" "When you don't turn up for class, you prevent your ballet teachers from doing their work. We are very conscientious about our work. When you prevent us from doing our work, it frustrates us and gives us stress. Then our health will be affected. Do you really want that? Make us sick?" (Something to that effect)

Then, there was the usual, "I was sick" Yeah! Right! In future, when you are sick, produce a medical certificate. If you didn't need to go to the doctor's, you are well enough to come to class, even if it's just to sit down and observe.

One of the gems - "I was tired" As if her classmates were not tired. As if her ballet teachers were not tired!

When are we, the ballet teachers, ever going to get the respect and recognition and awe and yes, FEAR from students and parents where they not miss lessons for whatever reason.

Oh, ya. Some of the other excuses. My dad didn't wake me up. My aunty got married ( this one always has an aunt getting married. I wonder how many she has) One even told me her mother made her stay home to finish her homework. Then, I told her it's not her mum's fault simply because she did not finish her homework on time and therefore had to stay home to finish it. This was met with silence and I knew I hit the nail right on the head.  Then there's the 'traffic jam excuse'. Traffic jam excuses is quite a, er, gem. Simply because, student will knowingly go to the far end of the earth shortly before class, then calls up to tell me there's a massive jam on the way back.

Then there are those who know very well they will NOT be coming for the next class ( students in that entire class knows about it, except the teacher ) but they will not tell the teacher. The teacher, that will be me, will diligently prepare a stupendous class to hopefully help improve this said student who will NOT be turning up. Then, when the hour comes, I ask, where's so-and-so? Oh, she's not coming today. She got tuition replacement.......... All effort wasted since, some of the exercises were specifically geared towards improving certain exercises which others are not in dire need. *sigh*

I have to travel more than 50KM each way to the studio. That makes it a whopping 100KM round trip, not to mention the toll charges I have to pay. It really exasperate me when I get there and nobody turns up till about half hour later. Of course it is not their fault I have to travel far. But it IS their fault for being late.

Now, I feel better and I can , sigh, and say I had a great day at work. There's nothing to compare with that exhilarating feeling of watching students improve and transform.

Have a great week ahead, my fellow ballet teachers. May The Force Be With You!

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Why rant and waste your energy and time, and the unnecesssry anxiety. Set your expectation lower from your student. I bet you, most of them have little interest in ballet, they are there do mum can tell the Jones that their daughter is attending a BALLET CLASS
March 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterReality

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