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The past few months - 2012

I was re-reading my previous posts the other night and memories flooded back in. I recalled those times and moments when those incidents occurred. It made me realise that I should get back to writing again or I may never remember a whole chunk of my life at present.


Many years in the future I would like to recall how adorable Nikki was at this age. She is an independent, feisty little girl. True to her Shih Tzu nature, she’s stubborn. No means no and it is very difficult to persuade her otherwise. David and Putri taught her to come down the stairs but 3 steps are the maximum she will do. That means, she still needs to be carried downstairs every morning. She will happily trot all over the house, following me as I go about my chores. She has also acquired a new skill – head rolling. This is NOT likened to ‘head will roll’ a la French Revolution style. She will grab a toy with her teeth, swing it side to side several times and on the third or fourth time, twirl her head and make her toy swing one big circle. It has become a challenge to her with how many of her toys she can twirl. She even tried to do it with her cushion on her bed! A few weeks ago, Andrew bought a ‘couple seat’ for Nikki and I. Ever since she’s a baby; she’s been sitting with me when I watch TV. But now she’s grown so much, one seat is just not enough for the both of us anymore. So with this couple seat, whenever I sit on it, she will automatically jump up.


I will also like to recall this was the season I taught till 12 midnight every Mondays and Fridays. I simply could not find the time to accommodate my boys in their Advanced 2 class. Therefore, we resort to having late nights twice a week. I think I am quite my very best at that time too. If I have my way, I would like to schedule ALL my classes between 9PM and 3AM. It’s the same, really, only I am working at a different time zone.


This year have been challenging in terms of work. I did a stint in Taipei City, teaching the new RAD Grades 1-3. In a few weeks’ time, it is the KL session. 4 exciting 3-day courses. I have no doubt each will present its unique challenges even though they are all of the same. There are also those Advanced classes. I teach 5 Advanced classes on Mondays. And throughout the week, I have a grand total of 9 Advanced classes. I have no doubt, by the end of this curricular year, Advanced work will be ‘dripping’ out of my ears and I will also be more advanced in my senility!


CBTS is embarking on a new course. I count myself privileged to be part of the tutoring team for this brand new course. This, too, begins in a few weeks. At 1st glance, it would seem that a tutor has a humongous amount of work to get through for this module. Challenges, challenges.


Wookie has passed more than a year now. Nikki has helped me get over the empty feeling without him but that does not make missing him any easier. On those deep, dark moments, it is to be shared between me, my memories and a tear-soaked pillow.


David is in a serious relationship with Putri and talks of a wedding are in the air. Although he is based in Singapore, he visits often and I love that. I always love to have my babies close to me. Alison will finish her journalism course by the end of this year. She, too, has a great guy – Andrew. So technically, by the end of this year, I can sit back and relax.


On the entertainment front, we got ourselves Astro Beyond, which is in High Definition. Andrew enjoys the Celestial channel. Every night, they will air kung fu movies.

Alison remarked, “Pa, didn’t you watch this last night?”

“No, that was another movie”

“But the actor looks so familiar”

“Yah, it’s the same actor. He is the best actor in Hong Kong for kung fu movies during that era”

I don’t know how Andrew sorts out the storyline. Every movie, every night is so similar.


Yet still on the entertainment, although very busy with this and that, I try to squeeze in a TV series or two. The current on my top ‘hit’ list will be Game of Thrones. I am simply sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting impatiently for the next segment. I will have my regular doses of crime/police/investigation in the name of CSIs, NCIS, Criminal Minds, SVU and the sometimes Midsomer Murders and Sherlock. Although, I must admit, watching Sherlock was to watch dishy Benedict Cumberbatch. My friend, Patrick provided us with the Agatha Christie’s Poirot collection. Poirot is Andrew’s favourite fictional crime detective and hence we are spending many crime-busting hours watching that.


STILL on entertainment. My 3DS have been idle for a bit. There are just simply no interesting games for me at the moment. I thought the Harvest Moon will do the trick but it became monotonous after a while. I have busied myself with phone games. The Gardens of Time busted quite a lot of my time. Then I went on to Ice Age Village but that got boring after I have acquired much of what I could without having to fork out physical money. Draw Something hit the world and it was entertaining for a while but how many times need one draw vampire? So it got a little boring. Now I am into Scramble. It’s a game of words and I am really, Really, REALLY bad at it. It was quite a few days before I actually even won a round and very much later before I could win a game. Still those are rare and few in between. Mostly, it’s trying to even the odds and not lose too badly.  

Alison installed Tiny Tower for me and now I am trapped in that tower. I imagine I shall be trapped here for a while. If anybody misses me too much, come and rescue me.

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