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I was checking my phone. "YES! A CONSTRUCTION WORKER!"

Suddenly, I felt 2 pairs of eyes peering at me. I looked up and said, rather sheepishly, "Err, it's my Tiny Tower"

Alison rolled her eyes.

But this is just me. Whenever I am playing a game, I am totally immersed in it. When I am playing Zelda, I am in Hyrule. If I am playing Mario, I am in 2-D mode. I was and still am playing Gardens of Time on my iPhone and I got obsessed in getting the Dragon Tower.

This has been happening practically all my gaming life. I get totally immersed into my games. Almost anybody who spends a certain amount of time around me at any given time will know what games I am currently playing.

The other day, I was playing Ice Age Village, one of the creature's egg hatched and I didn't tend to it for a good many hours. The animal ran away. So when I set the next egg to hatch, it turned out that it will hatch at 3AM! I actually set my alarm to wake up in the middle of the night, to rub the egg and welcome the creature! Sad! As Alison will say.

Many, many years ago, I used to have several Tamagochi, those tiny pocket pet stuff. For some reason, one of them was nocturnal. I actually wake up in the middle of the night to feed it, play with it etc. Sad! Those were days before I had actual real life pets. But it did gave me some training. Now I am pretty good with Nikki waking me up in the middle of the night on those sick times. But of course, those times are not very often. I must say I was very good with my Tamagochi. If I remember correcctly, if they had a good 'life' they turn into angels when they die, or something like that.

So back to my Tiny Tower. Alison was playing that for a while. She, then thought I will enjoy it, proceed to instal it in my phone. Now I am trapped inside that tower! I spend my free time sending people up and down the elevator. I collect and save my 'money' to build more floors and bring in more bitizens (residents) I keep checking on my stock and re-stock empty floors. SAD!

But perhaps I am only practising what I do in real life. I do not believe in mediocre. One must live and do everything to the fullest. To be enthusiastic with just about everything, to be either fiery hot or icy cold but not lukewarm. Fence-sitting is for Humpty Dumpty and look what happened to him.

My friends call me a Drama Queen. I call it being expressive. Enthusiasm with fantasy as well as reality is practically the same. There is also a thin line between the two. When does fantasy end and reality begins? Sometimes, one does not know. Reality often imitates fantasy and therefore, is fantasy just merely fantasy?

I am rambling or perhaps I am just impatient to get back into Tiny Tower. Perhaps I shall get a Mapple store ( the Tiny Tower version of Apple store) and get myself another 'i' something. Goodbye reality and hello fantasy, or perhaps Tiny Tower is actually reality and this is fantasy...........


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