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I remember

I remember, many, many years ago, an naive 17 year old girl packed her bags and flew thousands of miles away from her family and loved ones to chase a dream.

It was literally 'the great unknown'. I did not know what I was getting myself into. All I know was I had to go and I had to dance. And all I wanted was to learn whatever I could and pass it on. Dancing has and always will be my love but the love of teaching was even greater.

When I dance, I feel the andrenaline pumping through me and makes me soar. When I teach, I feel the very same high through my students, gasping when something good and right is achieved. But when I left those many years ago, I could never imagine how far and how much I will achieve.

I had been contented just teaching in the backwater of Taman Melawati. Then, my comfort zone was stretched a little wider when I was asked to be a trainee Supervisor. That was exciting, a new learning curve and I aced that one.

Then, I was appointed to be a Tutor, conducting online courses and also intensive training with trainees. I tackled that in my own stride, with very steep learning curve. Then, I suddenly realise, perhaps there's more in me that I never knew exists. How far can I take this?

Then, last year, I was asked to be one of the few to deliver the new syllabus. The first challenge was Taipeh. We learnt the work only in mid-November and I had to teach it in January! Panic button was humongeous and was constantly pressed. But in the end, I delivered.

The biggest test, for me, was the 4 sessions on my own home ground. Will I be accepted? Will I be able to do it? Can I deliver?

To me, it felt like climbing the highest peak. I trained, I made sure I know all there is I could know, I marinated myself into it. And in the end, I MADE IT!

It was not something which I needed to prove to anybody. It was something which I needed to prove to myself. For someone who's self-esteem is not at its peak at all, I needed to know. And now I do!

If you had asked me, all those many years ago, if I can imagine myself to be what I am now, I would have said, no. God has been very good to me. Where do I go from here? I don't know, for I feel as if I have reached my own personal peak. Are there more peaks to climb? Only God knows and only God can provide the strength.

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