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Today's topic: Toilets!

I SHOULD be revising what I am going to teach for the course to begin next Friday but I'd rather blog :P

Today's topic : Toilets! I have blogged about this before, perhaps quite a few times but it is a topic close to my heart since I spend a considerable amount of time in them.

In the days, long past gone, I used to love to get down and dirty on my bathroom floor. I loved to scrub the dirt and grime out of the cracks and crevices. There are few things in this world that surpasses that feeling of satisfaction once the whole bathroom is clean and smells lovely. In those days, we had just one bathroom and it was very tiny, barely room to manuevor around but it was still satisfying to scrub it till one can eat off the floor. But these days, with bad knees and back, bathroom cleaning is reduced to minimal scrubbing with a brush on a long stick. This is, perhaps, one of the reason I am quite crotchety these days - having no bathroom cleaning satisfaction.

But I digress. What I want to talk about is public toilets. I seriously doubt that there is anywhere in the rest of the world whereby one contemplates scuba gear when one needs to go to the public toilets. The floor is wet, with puddles big and small. One does not need to be a Mensa member to guess what those puddles MIGHT be.

I must say, though, the condition has improved somewhat through the years. These days, there is always a restroom attendant to try and clean up. It's a vicious circle. People pees on the floor ( or perhaps they did not but their aim was so bad, there were 'accidental' splatters) The attendant tries to mop it up but she sort of swirls the pee-soaked mop around the floor and what, may I ask, is the point? These days, they also have this giant air-blower to help dry up the floor faster but with drying, it just means that the floor is marinated with pee concentrate! *sigh*

No, it's not the restroom attendants' fault. Most definitely! And it is not the complexes fault too. It's the fault of the general public. Why, tell me WHY are there splatters on the floor?? This is in the Women's Restrooms. And if you want to squat, why, WHY go to a seat cubicle and squat on the floor????? The human mind is an amazing organ.

It begins with us, people! Always leave the place the way you want to come in to. If you drop bits of tissues on the floor, PICK THEM UP! The next person walks in, sees bits of tissues on the floor ( wet floor, mind you) and gets grossed out because we do not know what function that little bit of tissue served a while ago.

And for goodness sake, DO NOT WASH YOUR FEET IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS!!!!!!!!! I love to wash my feet. In fact, it can be considered a mild OCD with me but washing feet in public toilets? Then again, perhaps these were the people who stepped into 'questionable' puddles and felt disgusted and decides to wash their feet. It's the vicious circle.

Some of the nicer cubicles that I have been to were the ones with broken locks/ latches. They are clean, dry and usually stocked with tissues. I don't mind the locks at all. Just shut the door, quickly get the business done and I am out in a flash. It's the wet, mostly used and without tissues that takes the most time. One has to tiptoe amongst puddles, try to hang the handbag into door knobs because the hooks are broken - and not succeeding and therefore have to hold on to it. Then there will be the fumbling for a tissue in the bag. Thereafter, the disrobing while making sure not one piece of one's clothing touches those 'puddles'. All the while balancing on tiptoes. I am glad I know ballet. I wonder how the rest of the non-ballet world handles such situations.

When, WHEN will Malaysian toilets be deemed acceptable?

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