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Coffee! Ahhhh!! The nectar of life! For as long as I can remember, coffee has always been in my life.

I remember those long ago days when I was young, my grandmother will make a huge enamel pot of coffee ( kopi-o ) It will be left on the counter for the rest of the day. Anybody can just help themselves to a cuppa at any time of the day and when the supply runs low, it will be replentished. This pot will be right next to a huge pot of Chinese tea. As far as I can remember, Grandma always drank Chinese tea or coffee. I don't think the idea of drinking plain H2O ever occured to her.

That gorgeous pot of coffee was thick and sweet. Those were days when less sweet was unheard of. And those were definitely days way before the age of being allowed to drink coffee was established.

It is, therefore, safe to say, that I have been a coffee drinker since days of old. I only learnt to drink tea, the English way, when I got to London. Then, only recently, green tea made its way into my life.

My 1st love is and will always be coffee. I am not too particular about what sort of coffee I drink, as long as it's coffee and the not watered-down wannabe version. It needs to taste like coffee, smells like coffee, feels like coffee and most definitely give me the coffee effect.

Why am I blogging about coffee? I am missing it so much. Today marks Day 5 of my coffee fast! It is indeed a record of sorts. I only remember doing this only once before and for the very same reason - I've had too much!

Over the past few weeks, it had been extremely stressful and hectic, with almost non-stop dancing/ teaching during courses. I think I survived on almost practically coffee. Now, looking back, it was perhaps the coffee which taught the course and not me! One very tired morning, I walked into StarBucks and asked for a double-shot latte. The barista looked at me, surprised and incredulous, " The latte IS double-shot already! Do you want 4 shots?" To that, I most certainly did not, I might be jumping around like Tigger and they will need a catapult to shoot and bring me down from the ceiling!

So, there I was, kopi-o in the morning, then stop off at StarBucks for my latte (double-shot), then another in the evening after I am done. The night cap was optional, some nights I did and some I did not. But that went on for 2 weeks, not to mention the days leading to this fateful 2 weeks.

Needless to say, it finally happened! Last Saturday, Joyce and Luna went and got my usual Saturday afternoon kopi-o. After downing that, the whole body began to feel jelly-like. My hands are trembling. It felt like a hypo situation, only worse. I did not have my glucose-meter with me, but i am pretty sure the blood glucose was pretty low too. That night the blood glucose dipped again. And it happened for 3 days in a row!

It has almost become a habit. I was pretty sure I do not have blood in my veins but coffee. Monday was a working day and working day means coffee marination. I bought my Vente-sized StarBucks and downed it in less than an hour. By evening, I needed another coffee. But of course I did have it and the whole trembling, jelly-like thing happened.

From experience, I should know that I must get the blood glucose up a little bit before anything else. But it was past midnight and I wanted to get home. By the grace of God, in the disorientated state, I managed to get myself home. Even after eating loads of stuff, it was still low, so I imagined it must have been on a rather dangerous level while I was racing home. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Hence, I made up my mind to go on a week-long coffee fast. I have managed to successfully lived through 5 days. I am not sure if going without helps anything at all. I have not had the trembling sensation, which says something. But the hypo incidents are still around. Therefore, coffee is NOT to be blamed for them.

After I complete this week-long fast, will I go back to coffee? You bet! But perhaps, I better moderate it a little bit better. As for the irregular blood glucose, I shall have to monitor and it will be a trip to my endocrinologist.


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u can do it! no coffee for u!
July 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterwanz

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