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Marathon Man

London is all a-buzz with the 2012 Olympics and therefore, I simply MUST have an Olympian theme to my post.

When people talk about the Olympics, they think of the track events, swimming, maybe gymnastics. But somehow, my thoughts veer towards the marathon.

I think, not only the marathon, but with any other sports, one must have the tenacity and the grit to get to the end. Sheer willpower and the driving force to see it through must be tremendous.

Different people derive their inspiration and push from different sources. Some do it for the challenge, some for a cause, some do it for someone, even. Whatever the driving force may be, I think the important issue will be the fact that it CAN and WILL see you to the end.

This year have been a marathon for me. But this marathon began last year. It had been one project after another, sometimes overlapping, sometimes running concurrently. Someone asked me the other day if I am on drugs. I suppose one can categorize coffee as a drug of sorts. But even coffee has deserted me. After my bout of caffeine overdose during the June courses, my body has been telling me "ENOUGH!" Now, I can sort of take coffee on alternate days, and my, do I look forward to those alternate 2 days. This means coffee today and none for the next 2 days.           ( Tomorrow is going to be one of those coffee days! Yippee!)

Why did I sign up for this '2012 Marathon'? How not to? They were opportunities of a lifetime. To have an opportunity to teach in a different country, to conquer new challenges. To embark on new teaching modules.

I love to play games. I am not a very good gamer. In fact, I am really lousy at them. I get killed about the nth time in level 40 when there's about 120 levels in that game. But I plod on, slaying the monsters and bosses the best I can and when I get killed, I just do it again and again and again and YET again. Why? Because I love the 'IT IS FINISHED!" feeling. To have the opportunity to see the game credits roll. Not that it mattered to me who did the animation design or who created the gameplay. It was the fact that I could see them rolling before my eye, signifying that I HAVE FINISHED!

Back to Marathon. When the runner begins his run, I think it must be very early in the morning and he is still fresh. Every step has its bounce. That's how I felt in the beginning. I could not wait to begin. I plodded, strategized and planned. Then, busy-ness set in, projects ran concurrently. Everybody wanted a piece of me. I could not find enough time to work/rest and most importantly, play. Actually, it should have been rest.......

I got held back, like the marathon runner going uphill. But due to his training, he was still able to sustain. And that was what I did too. Sustaining with a capital 'S' (yes, and more coffee)

The worst crunch came during the June course. Prior to that, it was training, practising, memorizing, more practising, planning.......On those fateful June days, I woke up early/braved the jam/taught/danced/coaxed/encouraged/ was at top form............ Everyday, I came home or sit in some coffee place for at least half an hour - 'stoning' I literally frozed. And of course, with more coffee, I sailed through. Although it had been a difficult period, I had enjoyed it, loved the challenge and I felt that I have proven something to myself - that I could do it.

I really should have taken a short break right after but there was no time. Entries for the Vocational Exams went it and it was back to the studio I went, continuing to push/bully/yell/encourage and 'loved' my students towards Sept/Oct.

But the end seemed so far........ it's only July now. I want to crawl into a coccoon and sleep till December. So how does the marathon runner do it? When he is miles away from the finishing line? What keeps him going? What did he dangle in front of him to sustain it? I have dangled mine but it just seemed so far away and it's almost all I can think of at the moment, which is not very effective. I have fantastic friends who's been cheering and rallying me along. They tell me I can do it, but I am not sure. Do I need something else for motivation?

Just so tired............... Tell me Marathon Man, how do you do it?

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I think you have a poem that's framed in the studio, about not giving up (in between the cupboards and the stage), and I find it really inspiring and motivational, especially during breaks in a gruelling class. Love the part where it says "rest if you must but don't you quit"... Maybe you should look at that sometimes? Hahah
July 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPei Wun

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