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Flying Solo

My girl, Alison, drove to the University ALL ON HER OWN today. It must have been 2 years since she got her driver's license but she's always held back from driving. She once told me that she feared taking the tests all over again and therefore, if she does not drive, she does not make a mistake and she will not need to take those tests again. Logical? Perhaps to her but certainly not to me.

It does not help when her Papa does not mind ferrying her back and forth anywhere. She also has a fantastic boyfriend whom also thinks ferrying her is not a chore. A few weeks ago, she had to go to her part time job at StarBucks. The hours were odd and there was nobody to send her. She then decided that it's time.

The StarBucks at Setia City Mall is not far and we figured, well, it's time she stretch her wings a bit. David was entrusted the task of a refresher crash course. Well, perhaps, 'crash' is not a well chosen word and definitely no pun intended. They went off into the sunset and for a long, long time did not appear again. And when they finally did, I asked David, "So? How was it?" and he muttered that he has lost 10 years of his life.

Despite the negative aura, we positively plodded on and she drove to work the next day. And the next, and the next.

Today, her classes began again and I am not able to pick her up. Waiting for Dad means WAIT! So, she bravely drove there. I am so proud of her. Today, the Uni, tomorrow the rest of the world!

Alison has always been a funny sort of girl. Her stubbornness is also her drive and tenacity to work towards what she wants. When she was little, she went on a milk fast. This was when she was VERY little and milk was the ONLY nourishment available for babies that age. We panicked. What will happen? She will not thrive! My mum and I tried all sorts of stuff but she was not interested. We took her to the paediatrician and he could not find anything wrong with her. Dr. Foo then said, don't worry, when she's good and ready, she will eat again. He was so wise. When she was good and ready and at her own time, she ate/drank again. So this driving business was probably akin to the milk business.

Will I worry when she's on the road, of course I will, but I trust God to look after her all the time. The sky's the limit for her. Look out World, Alison has conquered the road, you're next!

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