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Plodding on......

It's been a month since my last entry. Loads of stuff have happened. Mostly busy stuff but there were good ones. 

I put myself through some traumatic moments prior to the ISP. When it actually began, it was quite breezy. I owe it to a great bunch of trainees whom were responsive and enthusiastic. I knew where to go, what to do with their questions and answers and mostly their eagerness to absorb and learn. More importantly, they were willing to share. I totally believe all of us, that's me included, benefited from those sharing sessions.

The Singapore Dance Theatre came again to performed their Illuminations programme. On that fateful Thursday, the opening night, I excitedly left the studio with ample time to get to KLPac but got dreadfully lost because there was a fire en route and I was forced to take another way. Unfortunately, there is ONLY TWO ways that I know of, the way from the studio and the way from home. GPS? It told me to go down the wrong way on a one way street. I think it felt like one of the scariest experience I have ever had. All that time while I was going round and round trying to find my way, there was only one thought in my mind - I am going to be lost forever. I am never getting out of this area. Illogical thoughts but that's what one sink into during a panic attack. It came full-blown with dizziness, stomach churns, tears, incoherent mumblings and mutterings ( throwing in some screamins as well ) In a way, I am glad I was alone in the car, or else I might have scared the others. Then again, perhaps if there were others in the car, I may not have gotten into such a state. Needless to say, I didn't get to the performance that night. And once I decided not to, my mind cleared and I was slowly able to figure how to go home. The next day, when the others knew what happened, Priscilla graciously gave up her Saturday ticket for me. So I DID watch the performance after all and enjoyed it tremendously.

I could talk about the everyday classes, but it seemed so boring, mundane and thoughts that goes through each person reading this may probably be, "Same old, same old" But this is MY BLOG and the number one reader will be me! I always maintain that this is a record of my life. Therefore, many years later, when I am very old and rotting in some nursing home, I shall re-read this and reminsince about the "same old, same old" life which I love.

So there you are, classes everyday. I have not had a day off for about............ I can't remember since when! BUT I have seen such improvements from my students that I really do not mind these extra classes at all. Their improvements and their enthusiasm just spurs me on. All these will end on the 10th of October. Then, it shall be winding up for the CBTS Module and I AM DONE for the year. I can't wait!

Nikki has grown into a gorgeous 6.2KG 'fluff-ball' She is so different and yet so similar to Wookie. I still miss Wookie tremendously. Thinking about him still cause this sharp pain but I have learnt to move on.Nikki has helped me do that. She loves her ball game. She loves to shadow me. She loves to sit outside the bathroom, waiting for me while I shower. She loves just being with me. But then again, the feeling is mutual. 

I have been so busy, I have not had time for my movies and TV series. Loads of movies came and went.... *sigh* I also have not touched my Nintendo games for ages. I wonder if my fingers shall know the keypads anymore, double *sigh*. But I have 121 floors on my Tiny Towers in my iPhone. I also have several islands in Dragonvale. There's, of course, my Scramble games with my regular opponents. I am really lousy at that, perhaps, that's why I have regular opponents inviting me to games so that they can whoop me! Then, there's the Matching game, which I do whoopings. I have began Sudoko again. Yup, I can never be totally without games. David sent me a message from Jakarta the other day, telling me to rest and sleep early and not spend half the night gaming.

Truth be told, and I am sure many will concur, I love being busy but I SHALL slow down. I SHALL walk a little slower, do less, stop and smell the flowers. But before too long, I think I SHALL run again. I think I love the exhilarating feeling of the wind in my hair, which incidently, is rather frazzled. Michelle from Grade 4, my hair police, has once more commented that she does approve of my hair. Even my Advanced 1 class from Setia Alam suggested I should run a comb through. *sigh* 

My next posting will probably have the Yippee Ai Yay feel to it, but meantime, I shall continue to plod on.

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