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The little girl is trapped. She lives in a square room with no windows. The only light she gets is the bulb which hangs high from the ceiling. 

Although the room has no windows, the ceiling is high. Sometimes, she will lie on her bed and look up. She will feel so small, so insignificant. 

There is a door to this room. Every once in a while, she will allow somebody to come in. But that is few and far in between. She does not know whom she can trust with her secret. She does not feel safe. Every tiny noise startles her. It magnifies in her mind. It evolves in her mind. A squeak thunders inside her. A tiny cough is menacing. 

There is no lock on the door. She can walk out anytime she wishes but she hesitates. Her palm grasps the doorknob and she turns it, many, many times a day but when the door clicks, she shudders and withdraw to the furthest corner. Then the room seemed to get so small that it literally squeezes the air out of her. 

Will she overcome and perhaps, one day, walk out by herself? Will someone whom she feels can trust implicitly be able to help her to overcome and lead her out? Will someone forcibly drag her out before she disappears?

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