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Blogging is a habit. When I do it frequently, words seemed to roll off. But when there’s a lapse of a certain period, the drain seemed to clog up, only allowing minimal words to flow out.

The New Year has begun. I was so looking forward to a more relaxing year but it will not be so. Still one has to take it by its stride and as usual, it’s swim or sink. And swim, I SHALL!

I think one of my earliest posts for this year should be a kind of resolution post. Then, perhaps, by the end of the year, I shall review and see how much I have stuck to it.

I am hoping to balance my hectic schedule with some down time, doing one of the things I really enjoy – to be blasted into the fantasy world. I love movies. When I go into a movie theatre, the lights dims and I am transported into a different world. I can anywhere. I can even travel outer space. I can be in a jungle or under the sea. Enveloped in the darkness, I can totally be involved, to feel the emotions, to enact the drama. Some people must go to movies with another person. I am not such a person. But if there’s company, it is, of course much better. I am definitely NOT a recluse. But my work schedule renders me almost company-less. When most ‘normal’ people work, I am freer and when I am working, others are off. Therefore, if need be, I shall go and watch a movie alone. I certainly hope this movie-watching resolution will stay for a long while.

My plan to get healthy and stay healthy sort of hit a bump yesterday. Oh, well, it sort of hit a bump earlier than that. Last Thursday, I sort of didn’t have time to take my lunch and had a hypo incident. Then I promised my friend, Patrick I shall post up my lunch picture for him every day. And then, yesterday it sort of hit a huge ramp. I missed lunch AND dinner. I was so hungry for so long that when classes finished, my body sort of shut down its hunger siren. I think it must have thought, “I tell you I am hungry but you don’t feed me, so why bother” Then, I also think that the hunger siren battery sort of went dead. So I just went to sleep. Oh, and I discovered being very hungry sort of gives one a massive headache. I thought by not drinking water does that but now I know hunger also does it, mmmmmm. Still, I shall not allow slight hiccups and bumps and ramps stop me. I shall get healthier and stronger. I may perhaps, even do Mount Kinabalu next year! And, oh ya, I want to wear that size 4 jeans which I tried today comfortably. The 6 was loose and the 4 was snug. Well, if I continue to hit bumps and ramps, I think it will be achieved in no time. (I hear Patrick screaming!)

My other resolution is not quite a resolution but nevertheless, listed here because I certainly hope it will happen. I plan to do more theme parks. There are so many in the world. One day, perhaps, I shall wake up and say to myself, I’ve had enough but today is not the day.

I want to spend more time with people whom I care about. I think catching-up time is important. A ‘let’s do lunch/dinner/tea/yum cha’ is not about the food. It’s the time spent with the other person. Parties are no good to me. Huge gatherings are not my scene. I personally do not like crowds. When there are too many people, I am at a loss with words.

I really need to set my house and garden in order. I have left it in a mess for too long, I do not know where to begin. I wish elves do exists and that they will do that for me overnight.

Then there’s the work resolution. I resolve not to work too hard but I will definitely want to see my school grow a little.

Gaming- I really MUST get back into the Nintendo gaming streak. I have been softened by iPhone games that I have not really touched my console at all. This iPhone gaming hit an all-time low when I had to text my friend, Ee-Lyn to ask her son, Daryl to send me a gem so I can buy the Clover Dragon before it gets taken off the list on Sunday. *sigh*

How many of these shall I fulfil and maintain. Time shall be the test.


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