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Miss Oh

Miss Oh and IOne of my idols from my youth and throughout my growing years as a ballet teacher is this formidable lady from Penang, Miss Oh Eng Sim. She is one of the local pioneer as a ballet teacher of Malaysia. Her grace and poise will put many of us current ballet teachers to shame. 

I met her for the first time many, many years ago at a teachers' course. I had just came back from London. I have never attended any teachers' courses before. When I was in London, I attended a performing course instead of a teaching course. This was the advice of my teacher. She told me to get as much exposure and experience as possible into other dance genré. It was one of the most wonderful advice I have ever had. I did not only experience many different dance genré but also many different art form. 

But back to Miss Oh. I was completely lost at the course. I did not know anybody. A young girl, barely 20 and therefore, nobody will take notice of me, let alone assist me in any sort of way.

Miss Oh asked me my name, and asked me to sit next to her. She, guided me and helped me through those very lonely few days. From then on, I will always look forward to meeting up with her at every course. I will try to sit next to her as much as possible, simply because she is so nice.

I have never had the privilege to study under her but I am sure, she can be quite a disciplinarian. But no ballet teacher worth his/her salt if they are not anyways. Her love for the art and her strive to always improve in teaching skills and methodology is inspiring.

Through the years, we have kept in touch. I will always try to find opportunities to chauffeur her around when she is down in Kuala Lumpur. And I have had many opportunities to do so because one of her friends whom she will often stay with lives in Ampang. 

She retired a few years ago and she stopped visiting KL. I have missed her tremendously. So I told Andrew months ago that I wish to go to Penang to visit her. When he procrastinated, I told him that I was going to take the bus. So hence, last weekend, we made the trip. 

When I saw her, I was both happy and sad. Happy to have, at last, be able to meet up again and sad to see that she has aged. But then, this is true of all of us. We have all aged. Perhaps, to see her aged also meant to me, that I have also aged. 

She was a symbol of my youth. With her, I almost feel like a young girl again, those many years ago, lost and not knowing what to do. Tonight, in passing, I saw on TV, a movie with Roger Moore in it. To me, Roger Moore shall always be the suave, smooth-talking Bond. But in this movie, he is an old man. Yet another crush onto my delusional perception of 'time stand still'. 

Ms Oh and I had a lovely time, catching up. Andrew and I took her out to dinner and she threw a curve ball at us by taking us to the Penang Swimming Club. We, later discovered that we could not pay for dinner because we are not member but she is! This just means we HAVE to take her out again.

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I'm one of her students. I can't deny that it's really tough being her student as she's a perfectionist and not many can last under her. I learnt ballet from her since 4 to 17 years old and she has taught me well. Most of my years I scored distinction. She's always one teacher that I highly respect and always been a part of my life. Ms.Oh you're the best!
July 7, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMei Inn

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