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Total Strangers

Last week, I received a friend request from a total stranger. Not that this is unusual but when I looked at the cover picture, it showed a very good looking guy. Being totally human, I, of course, became curious. The first person I showed the picture to was Bee Hong. Her reaction was, ooooooooo. 

The information on this person's profile states that he is from Indonesia. Then, I thought it may be someone David or Putri knows. Further verifications from David indicates that he does not know him either. Like I said, there are a lot of random people who seeks out random friends ( I can never understand the reason but who am I to judge) 

Then, on Saturday, I showed the picture to my Advanced 1 students, some of them said that he looks very familiar. They tried to help me check for mutual friends, and there were none. In fact, this person has hidden his friends list. The other pictures in his photo albums were also of him. 

I also noticed that he like Joe Hisaishi. In my mind, anybody that likes Hisaishi cannot be all that bad. In fact, for a micro second, I even thought of adding him because of that fact. That night, I sent the showed Putri the picture and she asked Amanda, her sister. Amanda confirmed that it is a public figure, a singer.

So, the conclusion was, this person actually 'hid' behind somebody else's photos. Surely his intentions cannot be genuine. But, but........ Joe Hisaishi????? How come he 'Likes' Hisaishi. I mean, I am sure predators can also like Hisaishi but it seemed to differ from all the other 'Likes' on his list. 

So while I was deleting him, I 'saw' an odd fact. He added the 'like' to Joe Hisaishi on the very same day he sent his request. Was he able to see my 'likes'? I experimented and investigated. The conclusion was, YES! Whatever I 'like' is out for the world to see. That totally creeped me out! 

The creep factor is, that there are weirdos out there doing things like that. I am an older person, being able to rationalise and do not add anybody whom I do not know. What about those young kids out there? My students? Creeps like these impersonates and pretends to be someone else. They look through one's Timeline and try to extract as much information as possible about their prey before they proceed. 

FaceBook keeps me connected to my friends and family all over the world. We have become a community with its intricate web of connectivity. FaceBook has also helped me get reconnected with many people whom I have 'lost' over the years. There have been old schoolmates and ex-students whom, without FaceBook, I may never hear from again. How can I make my FaceBook as private as possible but still allow 'lost connections' get reconnected? 

Yes, of course in the end, the option is up to us, whether we want to 'add' strangers or not. But I do not like the fact that this particular person 'crept' all over my Timeline and  actually tried to set a trap for me. But of course he didn't know that I am old. What if I am one of my students? I shudder to think. 

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