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Nikki, making a statement

All credits of this blog goes to Alison, who takes after her mum, with a vivid imagination.

Nikki has very sensitive skin. Every sort of everything seemed to irritate her and she will scratch incessantly. She is like Morika in my Advanced 1 class who is probably even allergic to air.

So she (Nikki, not Morika) has to be on a special diet prescribe by her vet. I am quite sure it must not taste fantastic. After all, what food tastes good when it is good for you??? So we usually add a little bit of the Caesar can food so she will eat her meals.

About 2 weeks ago, I tried an experiment. I just squirted her Omega 3 Oil in the food and not the Caesar. She chomped it up. And for a good  weeks she was chomping them up. Then suddenly, it was as if her Caesar sense kicked in and she refused to eat. 

No amount of coaxing will make her even venture close to her food. Then, when we added Caesar, it was games a-go again. Alison came up with what is going on in her little brain.

Nikki's Thoughts:

This food tastes bland. Where's my Caesar? Mmmmmmm, I must come up with a plan. Wait, Mummy always gets extremely agitated when I don't eat. Ok, I won't eat. She will get nervous.

Day 1 : Don't eat. Didn't work, nobody bothered. Cheh Cheh don't care. I shall have to swallow the food, minus the Caesar *sigh*

Day 2 : Didn't work again. I am hungry. I HAVE to eat to live and I can't live to eat.

Day 3 : Kor Kor Andrew hand fed me! Yay!

Day 4 : Overheard Cheh Cheh tell Mummy that they should add the Caesar again. Yay!

Day 5 : Ok, this is it. I shall make my stand. I WON'T even go into the kitchen. I shall stay far far away as possible........ OH! I hear the can food open. OH! I SMELL Caesar!!!!! (Elated! Dashes across the room!) Yay! Cheh Cheh added Caesar! Now, I shall show my pleasure to those minions for being so accommodating and submissive. I shall now saunter to my feeding bowl and polish it clean!

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