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Gardenia Vans

Last Saturday, I bumped into Eelyn and she asked me, "What's with the Gardenia Van pictures? Everybody is curious and wondered if there's some kind of reward with how many vans you manage to 'capture' " 

Well, I hated to burst her bubble but there is absolutely nothing to it. It began with my Alison remarked that all the Gardenia vans have numbers on them. Then we thought of a game - Spot a Gardenia Van. Hence, in order to document and show proof, I thought taking pictures of them was a good idea. These days, we are never without a camera. It is already built-in into our phones.

Then, it got to a point whereby I have to 'show off' my capture and so I began to post it up on FaceBook. The rest, needless to say, is history. I think I create a sort of awareness to Gardenia Vans. 

The Gardenia vans have this baker logo on it. This baker is such a happy looking figure that one cannot help but smile everytime one sees it. 


Some people collects stamps. Others collect coins. Perhaps they don't do it anymore. Everybody is busy Candy Crushing (but that is another story) Hence, I collect Gardenia vans. Someday, I shall go to the factory, view ALL their vans and say 'hello' to them up close and personal.

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