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a beautiful princess

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a princess with the reputation of great beauty. She was said to be so beautiful that when people look at her, they tremble. Therefore, she always wore veils to shield her beauty. She was also said to be wise and her riches was vast.

The reputation grew and people from other lands also heard of it. In the nearby country, there lived a prince who has become of age. When he was asked to marry, he chose to ask this beautiful princess to be his bride.

The prince sent an entourage to ask for her hand in marriage but the princess will not see them. Numerous attempts failed to get an audience with her. Then, the prince decided that he will pay the princess a visit himself.

When he came to the throne room, he saw the princess sitting on the throne, heavily masked with veils. But the eyes which peered above the veils were of the most beautiful. They displayed kindness, compassion and honesty.

The prince began to be curious to the rest of her beauty. He then instructed one of his palace dancers skilful with sword play to perform a sword dance. At the end of the dance, the dancer was instructed to approach the princess and with a stroke of the sword, cut loose the veil. That which he did and when the veil fell, the entire throne room shuddered with a tremendous gasp.

What they saw was not a princess of great beauty but a face riddled with boils. Some of the boils were even festering. The princess gave out a very loud scream and ran from the throne room. She knew that her ugliness have horrified everybody. She was so ashamed.

She ran and ran and ran, far away into the forest. She had been found out. She was ugly. She was a liar and a cheat. She led everybody to believe that she was beautiful. The veils were not coverings for her beauty but her ugly truth. Now that everybody has seen it, she will never be able to face anybody again. Nobody will ever be able to accept her and love her as they once did.

Till today, nobody has seen her since. Deep in the dark, dark woods, occasionally, one will hear a long and painful scream, the scream of the rejected, the scream of the ugly, the scream of the unwanted.

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