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It never rains but it pours

This phrase is so true. 

Recently, a stray decided to give birth to a litter of 6 puppies under David's car in front of our house. I think she is pretty smart. She must have figured that this car does not and has not moved for a while now. It provides shade for my babies. The sandy soil at the bottom is soft and serves as great bedding. 

For 2 whole weeks it was bliss for the puppies and their mummy. Andrew forbade me to feed the mum. He said that she will take care of herself, as she has always done. My reasoning was, she needs more nourishment now, not just scraps she can find, to be healthy enough to feed the pups. 

Then, suddenly a few days ago, she moved her whole family. At first, I did not know where she has moved to. Then, I heard puppy cries from my room. My window overlooks the side lane where my neighbour parks his old jalopy. Ah! That's where they are.

So for a day, I could hear occasional little squeals for food or 'hey, your foot is in my mouth' Then, it happened. On Friday night, it started raining. Then, there was the whole concerto of lightning, thunder and a whole lot of rain. 

The pups bagan to squeal. Then, it escalated. It became cries of desperation, cries for help. The side lane often floods when the rain is too heavy. I called Andrew. No! Don't touch them, he said. If I touch them, their mummy may not take them back again. So I sat in front of my laptop at the dining table with my ear plugs on, trying to shut out their wailing but failing. They cried and I cried with them. 

I could not take it anymore and ventured out to the lane, desperately thinking about what to do. The ground was soggy and muddy. Everyone of my step squelched and stuck. I bent over to peer under the car where I heard the cries. Mummy growled. What a terrific mum she is. I came back to the house and cried some more. NO! WE have to do something! She chose to give birth at our house. It must be because she felt safe here and her instinct must have told her that in moments of desperation the humans in this house will try to do something for my babies. It was a long, long night. They wailed the whole night and only quiet down in the morning, perhaps from exhaustion.

When I came home from classes the next day, she had moved the babies to slightly higher ground, the other car but they were still on the flood prone lane. Andrew provided a sturdy plastic crate for her and I left food inside but she did not venture in. That night, it poured again. The wailing began again. Andrew always remarked to Nikki that she is fortunate to be 'high-born' She has all the luxuries that these poor puppies and their mum does not have, a roof over their heads and dry place to sleep in. That, somehow, made me feel even worse. What if the roles are reversed? What if it is Nikki? Or Wookie?

Somehow, nature has its ways. Yesterday, mum slowly moved her pups back under David's car. I think she has realised that it is the best place to be at the moment. I can also understand why she moved them away a few days ago. The puppies are slowly and shakily walking. David's car is right beside the road and therefore, chances of them wandering onto the road and in the way of an oncoming car is high. Life is so tough. Poor mum. Which is the lesser of two evils? Which is less dangerous? To have her puppies drowned? Or to have her puppies runned down. 

I suppose life is like that. The good stuff is far and few in-between. It is always, bad, bad, bad, bad, good, bad, bad, bad, BAD, bad, good. I also suppose we should live and look forward to those few 'goods'. And also suppose if it is good all the time, the the good will not seem 'gooder'. 

2 years ago, a friend of mind crawled her way out of a bad situation. It was like climbing out of a sticky, slippery well. Although, I imagine she has never climbed out of any wells physically before, I can imagine how tough it must be, to grip on to something which you think is stable, then to see it crumbling and to slip-slide down even further than before you took that grip. But in the end, she did! She came out on the top.

It is happening again. Only this time, the well is a lot deeper and she cannot see daylight. I suppose she has two options, to sit at the bottom of the well and wait for the heavy pouring of the rain to drown her or to begin the long and upward slip-sliding climb to the top

Will this be the success story of the puppies and their mum? I hope so.

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