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Recently I watched Inception. Hwan Haw passed the DVD to me ages ago. It was just sitting there waiting for the right moment. And the moment came when I was pumped full of drugs from my recent bout of illness and when I didn't know better. 

But perhaps that WAS the right moment. When one is on a cough meds trip, I really cannot see between what is real and what is not. One just 'floats' through the day. I floated through the entire week of supposedly semester break. What a waste! Perhaps, some will think, hey, that was good timing. That is the perfect time to get sick. Then one can rest and not be guilted to think of the loads of stuff to be done etc. 

But I missed out on window shopping. Catching up with friends. Movies. But on hindsight, those need money and spending time in bed and at home, I saved them.

But I really wanted to talk about Inception. I have been wondering, what if what is real is not and what is not is real. What if what I am supposedly be doing is not really real. What if I am not really a ballet teacher. What if I am lying in some cryo machine and this is only a dream. Oh! Wait a minute, that is not Inception. That is Vanilla Sky, which is also another brain mixer. These movies put your brain into a blending mixer and the 'fast' button is pressed. 

I am never one to go and watch a movie, come out, give myself to shakes to get rid of all the popcorns stuck on my body and forget it. I think about it. I mull over it. I go through 'what ifs' . Come to think of it, I do it in real life too. The 'what ifs'. What if I didn't go to London. What if I chose to become a nurse. What ifs............. But what if what I chose was really merely in my dreams? What if I wake up and I am not really here but thousands of miles away. What if I never came back? 

What if I am really still on this cough drug trip and this is, indeed, not real.

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