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To run and leap!

Sally used to run in the fields. She will run so fast, her long hair catches the wind and they will wave like soft ribbons, trailing behind her. The field is sometimes littered with stones and rocks. With the agility of a gazelle, she will leap over them with ease. 

Sally grew but her abandonment to run like the summer breeze never left her. Then, one day, she felt some twitches in her legs when she ran. Still that did not stop her. She continued to run. The exhilaration and the adrenaline rush from it filled her entire being, and sometimes it did not feel as if her legs are touching the ground.

Then, it began to get worse, her judgements for the leaps across stones began to fail. She will trip. Her legs sometimes will not move as she wish and she will fall.

Before too long, Sally could not even walk. She will lie in her bed and look out of the window to the great big field where she used to run. She will close her eyes and imagine how it felt, running across them again.

One day, a woman came to visit. "I can help you run again. I can helpa you do all those things you could do before. Do you want that?"

Most definitely, Sally wanted that! "But there is a condition you must abide. When it is time, I shall come back again and take it all away and you will never be able to walk again."

"Anything! I will promise ANYTHING"

Sally was told to go to sleep and she will be able to run in the morning. Sally was so excited she could not sleep but she knew that if she did not, it will not happen.

When she woke up, she threw off the bed covers and swung her legs to the side of the bed. The with a single push, she leapt off! She could not wait.

She ran out of the house, into the field. She 'flew' 

She did not only run in that field. She traveled to every single corner of the world. She explored, she discovered and she loved every single minute of it.

After a year, she went home. The woman was waiting for her. "It is time"

"NO! I have not had enough!"

"I am sorry but that was the condition. It is time"

Sally ran away, if I do not stay in the house, if I do not sleep, I will not be changed!

She ran and ran. Even when she was tired, she continued to run. But she felt the familiar twitches, numbness again. Eventually, she grew so tired she could not run anymore. She limped toward her favourite tree in the field and sat. She fell asleep.

Sally woke up, it was late and the moon was high in the sky. Her body felt like lead. She felt bound up like an Egyptian mummy. She looked up to the sky, thinking, it is not fair. Why, of all people in the world, must SHE be inflicted with this crippling disease. 

Her family came to take her home but 'life' has already left her. She has no more will to continue. What else is there for her except the four walls of her room? In despair, she sunk deep into a make believe world where there's no pain, where she can run and leap. Her physical self is but just a shell.

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