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no rain, no water, no plane

When one does something often, one will get into the habit and it comes naturally. I have not posted for ages and cranking it to begin seemed so difficult. I have lost count how many times I open this page, begin to write then suddenly, thoughts fail me.

For those who knows me, the statement, "Thoughts fail me" does not associate with Katy Cheong. It does not happen. Words failing me also do not happen. 

I am going to talk about current issues. Yup, mostly what we are griping about (Perhaps, I ought to be more accurate and say, mostly what I am griping about)

Nearly 2 weeks ago, we lost a whole aeroplane filled with 239 people. My first reaction was horror. Then my mind went on super-speed - anybody I know going to Beijing? YES! When the little girl did not turn up for her class on time that day, my knees went weak. My jelly fingers clumsily fumbled over my phone, looking for her mum's number. Then she walked in, late and I have never been more relieved to see a late student. 

As the hours rolled into days and now weeks, the numb feeling took over. There were so many speculations and teories and suppositions, my head was reeling in a drunk stupor. People shared news, not knowing, sometimes not even caring, if they were true or not. Everybody scour for any bit of information. And as far as I can gather, when information was scarce, it was fabricated. I do not know anybody on board and I felt so affected. I cannot imagine what the family and friends of those missing must be going through. Not knowing, wondering, hoping.... And these unscrupulous so-called journalists were playing on their emotional heart-strings, all in the name of creating some news.

We still do not know what has actually happened. A huge plane cannot simply vanish. This is not an episode of The X-Files, of which I am a great fan of. My imaginative streak of the brain likes to think that this plane was taken away on board of a very huge spacecraft. There, they were treated well whilst the aliens are studying the effects of an unexplained phenomena on the entire world. It's like a lab experiment. "Let's take away something and let's watch their reaction. Let's see if they will tear each other apart. Let's see if they will take the reins and rise up above all that is perplexing them and figure it out. Let's see if they set aside their differences and work together to solve the mystery. Let's see if they will share their 'toys' to help with the search and finally, let's see if they will come out into the open and confess they actually know what happened" Because they have sophisticated equipment for tracking because if they say so, then their neighbours and the rest of the world will know that they are spying on others. Espionage, spies, world issues. What do I know.......

Then the next huge topic was lack of rain and the woe of water rationing. As my friend, Juliana said, these days, we greet each other with the questions, is there water in your house? I have been blessed, not really hard hit by this water ration thing. On days when we were not supposed to have water, the taps were not dry. Not gushing but definitely not dry. 

It was on one of the 'no water day', Rolly decided to get a bag of sulphur (which we totally forgot we had) and create a yellow powdery carpet to wallow in on the porch. When I got home, I was greeted by a very livid hubby who cannot wait to report what one of my fur babies had done. Despite a mere trickling from the water hose, I tried to get rid most of the yellow sulphur. Getting it off Rolly was more tricky. I tried to hose off most of it. Till today, and that was about 10 days ago and after a good bath 2 days later when the water came, she still smell of sulphur.

With the lack of rain, my plants were slowly dying. Then just as suddenly as the the rain stop coming, heavens began to open. We had rain almost everyday for the past week, ever so light drizzle that goes on and off. The authorities said that the dams are slowly getting filled again but not enough to totally stop the rationing. With the rationing, it makes us more aware of how we actually use our water. Previously, I will stand under the shower till I am thoroughly wet, apply soap while the water was still gushing. But now, I turn off the shower to apply the soap and shampoo. Typically, we do not appreciate it until we do not have it.

With the lack of rain, plants and forests drying up, bush fires began to happen. Fire and smoke clouds our vision, mind and the air we breathe. Could this be yet another alien experiment? Take away the rain, see what happens? 

Perhaps all these no rain, no water, no plane but plenty of haze has also cloud my brain. 

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