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It's been 2 years!

Last week, Nathalee talked about blogging. Suddenly the blogging bug niggled me. And here I am.

It's been two years but it is pointless to go back in time to talk about things that have happened since then. I want to talk about today. 

Most mornings, I go to a nearby shop for breakfast. While I am munching on my food and sipping my coffee, I am usually entertained by a Hokkien series. I have been living in Klang, a Hokkien area for 8 years now but I am still terrible at it. Alright, perhaps not terrible but TERRIBLE. I do not understand it at all!. 

Back to the series. So I try to follow the story line by body language and their expressions. Yesterdays, this character who works in a hair salon was sabotaged by a colleague. Several customers' hair was ruined by it. And today, as the story goes, she went around those who's hair was ruined and tried to apologize, probably still not knowing that she did not do anything wrong. It was the way she was treated that I want to make some comments about.

They were nasty to her. Throwing her gifts which were gestures of apologies. Scolding her, shaming her, gathering others to do the same. I feel really sorry for her. Then I thought about something else. 

Often when we come in contact with others, we do not know much what goes on in their minds or their lives. It suddenly occured to me how I react/treat the other person might mean a world of a difference. For example, if the person has been having a pretty lousy day, I may not know but if I were to say something like, "Your work today is really bad. I don't know how you can possibly do such a shoddy job", it might send the person deeper down into the pit.

But how do we know? Fact of the matter is, we don't. Therefore, if there is a choice, to choose being kind or otherwise; choose to be kind. 

Easier said than done, Katy but to realize it will be a positive step.

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