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Dad's Birthday

It was Dad's birthday last Friday. Yup! On April Fool's day. And almost ( not every) on all his birthdays he will relate this story to us. Here's how it goes;

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Psst! I have a new fon!

Yup, I did it again. I went and got myself another new toy. I know, I know, it's hardly a few months ago when I got the other new toy,  my digital camera. This time it's a new handphone. It's a Sony Ericsson K700i
It's learning time again. I have been using Nokia handphones for several years now. This Sony Ericsson's function is just a little different. There are a lot of extra features that I did not have before in the other phone. It took me forever to 'key' in a new contact this morning because the function keys are just slightly different from Nokia. I fiddled, asked, read the manual and I think, 3 months down the lane, there will still be features I have not fully utilised.  Ok, very short blog...................have to go learn how to use it some more.....................


What's your 'miracle cure-all'?

What's your miracle cure-all? When I was younger, my grandmother will recommend 'fung yao' (Chinese medicated oil) for almost anything. It's great for stomachache. If you have a headache or migraine, dab a little onto your temple.  If you have a sore throat, swallow a few drops.

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All's quiet............................

I thought I will have more time on my hands to enjoy the last bit of my December holidays but I suddenly found myself swampped with things to do.

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A Tale Was Told

Over the last weekend, A Christmas Tale was told to thousands. I am, indeed, proud to be part of the dynamic team to help with the production.  After months of preparation in various different department, curtain opened to a full house on Friday, 17 December 2004.

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