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Depressing Contemporary

When I arrived at the theatre, I was in a cheerful mood but I can't say the same when I left. Nearly all the items were so depressing, oppressive and 'dark'. They talked about misery, being trapped, being oppressed. I did not manage to get a programme but one cannot mistake the general atmosphere of the evening.

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Birthdays Part ll

Prompted by Ee-Lyn's comment on birthdays and how she'll remain  28 forever, I remembered how Mum was 36 for quite a few years.
As I have mentioned before, birthdays are a huge feature in my family. So on Mum's birthday on this particular year, we asked, "Mum, how old are you?".
"36", she replied.
The next year, on the very same day, we asked her again (because we forgot!)
"36", she replied.
To cut the long story, she was 36 for 3 consecutive years. We smelled rat. "Mum, how can you be 36 for so many years?" When we were younger we were a little dim.
wax-covered cakeOh, yes, my birthday celebrations did not end at 12 midnight. A few days after, the Advanced girls gave me a surprise. Wan Tze was appointed to distract me while they set up the cake with candle. She did it so well that wax dripped all over the cake. *Sigh* and I thought I can forget how OLD I am.

(The Wax-covered Cake)

On Sunday, husband gave me a Sony Cybershot-DSC-W1. It's cool and cute. I opted for the black, but the silver is nice too. This little 'toy' is going to give me many hours of fun. I have already taken many pictures of my plants. So check back for them soon.



Birthdays have always been a huge feature in my family. Ever since I can remember, birthdays were celebrated. They were usually not celebrated in a big way, with big parties and such, but intimate, with family.
When I was younger, chicken was a treat and the youngest two of the family will get the chicken drumsticks. But if it's your birthday, you will get to choose the menu and a drumstick is yours.

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Royal Academy of Dance

Lately, I have been visting the all-new thoroughly interesting RAD website. Go ahead, have a whale of a time.


Madame Espinosa

When I was in London Studio Centre my first class for the week on a Monday morning would be with Madame.  The body will be rudely jolted into reality after the lull of a weekend right from barre-work.
She comes into class, 'marks' out the exercise with us on her filmsy heeled shoes. I often wondered if she will twist her ankle and hurt herself.

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