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What's in a profile picture?

What's in a name? Or a profile picture, for that matter. Recently, life has been tough ( yup, since when life is NOT tough?) But circumstances has reduced me to a crabby shadow of my usual bubbly one. Hence, one fine afternoon (several days ago) when I was lying like a stiff corpse in bed, I looked up pictures of crabs, picked one and used it for my profile picture on my FaceBook.

I meant to broadcast to everybody I feel crabby, I AM a crab, hence stay away from me etc, etc, etc. But the plan backfired. Or did it? Many people commented on how delicious it looks, what sort of ways it should be cooked, what a lovely picture etc. Then, later that evening, when the pain subsided a little, I could actually see the beauty of that crab as food. And so then, I kind of like that profile picture as well, since I DO like crabs - as food. 

But Alison protested. She said that her mum's not a crab. She does not have a crab for a mother. So I had to change that picture. Then, I thought of the beautiful picture I took near Jalan Duta yesterday morning, displaying the morning sun in its full glory, shining across the horrific jam, making it almost surreal. Beauty in the midst of ugliness. Or perhaps, it's ugliness bathed in beauty. 

She protested again! "I want my mother's picture in the profile!" She's such a demanding child! So when I put my own picture on, she STILL protested, because it's half covered by a gorgeous fan! 

A profile picture should say something. Be it, the owner's mood, or perspective of a situation or beauty of an inanimate object like a fan. If I think all these are more beautiful than my face, then I SHOULD put it up!


Nikki, making a statement

About 2 weeks ago, I tried an experiment. I just squirted her Omega 3 Oil in the food and not the Caesar. She chomped it up. And for a good  weeks she was chomping them up. Then suddenly, it was as if her Caesar sense kicked in and she refused to eat. 

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Total Strangers

Last week, I received a friend request from a total stranger. Not that this is unusual but when I looked at the cover picture, it showed a very good looking guy. Being totally human, I, of course, became curious. The first person I showed the picture to was Bee Hong. Her reaction was, ooooooooo.

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Gripped with fear

Driving in a lonely tunnel. Two burly motor cyclists passed by, without crash helmets. Something reached into my a gripped my heart. I had to make a great effort to draw air into my lungs.

The lonely tunnel ended at a deserted highway. I had to make even greater effort to draw in air. 

It's happening again. I thought I had beat it. I thought it was gone forever. Why is it back??????

Consciously using my diaphragm to get air in, feeling my heart beat fast. Thinks to myself. I won't last till I get home. Afraid I may get dizzy. Called a friend.

Made small talk, to distract myself. Also to hear a familiar voice. Then he asked, what's wrong. Was it so evident in my voice? Did I give myself away? 

When will it go away????



The New Year has begun. I was so looking forward to a more relaxing year but it will not be so. Still one has to take it by its stride and as usual, it’s swim or sink. And swim, I SHALL!

I think one of my earliest posts for this year should be a kind of resolution post. Then, perhaps, by the end of the year, I shall review and see how much I have stuck to it.

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