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this Singapore trip was courtesy of my friend, Kin Wee. He so generously bought tickets to Sleeping Beauty and even paid my hotel for me. I am truly blessed.

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Hong Kong Disneyland

A friend of mine, Irene suspects that there's definitely a role reversal here and I am not denying. I was riding carousel horses, going on dizzying rides while David happily snaps pictures of his mother screaming deliriously with joy/fear/excitement!

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Day Dreams

Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one's immediate surroundings, during which a person's contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, imagined as coming to pass, and experienced while awake

When I was little, various people whom I was connected with, my mother, my teachers, my family often complained about what a day-dreamer I was.

There was a chance remark someone said the other day that made me wonder if I am still day-dreaming away. And the conclusion was, I think I still am.

The reason why it is not so evident these days is probably because I kept myself quite occupied. But I have caught myself on numerous occasions, day-dreaming. 

First, back to the good old days of day-dreaming whereby one is not interrupted by too much schedules. I used to blast myself into imaginary world, be it frolicking with the mermaids, or hopping from one flower to another with the fairies. It could sometimes be imagining and unfolding 'real'situations be it examinations results or relationships etc. 

My mother used to get complains from my teachers of how I am 'always not there'. But I am sure the perfectly good reason of the fantasy world being nicer than the real one is very valid.

These days, it is not much different. The dreams may be slightly different but the circumstances which blasts me into them are not. It still hold true, fantasy being better than reality. When one is in the fantasy world, one conjours and fabricate the entire scenario. If I choose a setting of a space station, I shall be there. If I want to be in a beautiful forest, I shall also be there. I am not confined by limitations nor stifled by reality. 

However, I think the best dreams are still, dreams where one gets when one is deep in sleep. These are ones we do not have any control over. When they are pleasant ones, one wakes up in a perfectly great state of mind, ready to accept anything the cruel, harsh reality will dish out. Nightmares? Let's not go there. This is a posting about dreams. 




It’s amazing how the human mind works. I was driving home in the heavy rain just yesterday and driving is a rather boring affair, therefore I allowed my mind to wander a little.

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Sing a song of sixpence

I love to sing. I am not good at all but I love it. When I sing, I sort of gets lifted into a different level. My heart soars and perhaps so does my feet, or when I drive, it will be the wheels. Which makes sense because that is the root of my speeding tickets problems. Therefore, it was not me but my singing ( I should plead this to the police ) 

But this posting is about how a song gets stuck in your brain and it is just, stuck! Lately, I look at my Nikki and the song, Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof, sort of burst out from me. Where and how it came about, I honestly do not know. She's more the "You are the Sunshine of my life" 

Then there's the "Dream a little dream" which is sort of stuck in me for quite a long while.

Everytime a song comes to mind and when I sing it, I try to find out how and why it jumped into my head. Then, there's the other way round - when one hears a song, one sort of gets tranported elsewhere, often to the time when one is marinated in that song. And often, people, incidents be it happy, sad or bittersweet creeps into the mind. 

Ah, well I shall dream a little dream some more.

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