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Last night, I watched the latest Bond movie, Skyfall and nearly 24 hours later, I am still niggled with questions.

This year is the 50th anniversary of James Bond movies. I can't believe that they have been around for 50 years. Or, perhaps, it's the 50th anniversary of James Bond, the book/story/character. And so, according to my personal Bond expert, they are trying to tie the the movie to its original characters etc.

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Each day, each minute, we are required to make decisions. Whether to wake up or not, to eat or not, what to eat, to stop at the junction or to try and beat the light, to say yes or no.

I think the most difficult decisions are those whereby one has to make for long term commitments. These are decision which will affect one's life and all those around for a long time to come. 

There's this one decision of which I had been mulling about for a long, long time. This is such a difficult one to make. My heart tells me to go for it, my head says NO! I always tell others to go with their heart. More often than not, it will turn out to be the right decision. But in this case, it may not be so.

I have had to make the very same one many years ago, and it had caused much heartache and tears. Disappointments and dejections were not easy to bear. But one may say, it may be different this time. I seriously doubt it. 

Perhaps the question should be, if I say 'yes' would it make a difference? Will I be able to make a difference? Or will nothing change and I just place myself for yet another round of disappointments, dejections and frustrations. 

If I say yes, it shall be almost a long term commitment. Perhaps, forever? Forever seemed to have such a ring of finality to it. I am thinking, if I do say, yes, it shall not be for the right reasons. It shall be a decision made definitely with the heart and one which the brain may reprimand in the near future.


pas de deux

Pas de deux simply means a dance for two people. 

I have not experimented much any other dances for two besides ballet and contemporary but I imagine the rule is still the same. When one dances with another, it is no longer a dance for two people, it becomes a dance of two people moving as one. In order to do that, one must understand and be able to 'see' what the other may do in order to move in a symbiotic manner. In order to do that, one must also trust the partner completely.

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Nikki, The Defender of the Universe, oops, Home

My little Nikki has grown. In size and also in stature. 

These days, she will sit at the door, looking out and bark at anything which she does not see fit. It might be a lousy piece of leaf or a bit of plastic. It may be the neighbourhood strays but more often than not, it's my neighbour's cats.

When Wookie was alive, they used to come over to our house, peep into the house, catch Wookie's attention then saunters away, leaving a frustrated pup barking incessantly. These days with Nikki, the cats have taken it a step further. They will lie under the car on the porch and STARE at her. 

This, of course, drives Nikki crazy. The cat, usually the bushy tail one, will give her the LOOK that says, "Nyeh! Nyeh! Nyeh! You can't get out! I am safe here. Ha Ha Ha!" 

Right now, there's a stray dog lying underneath my car parked outside the gate. Nikki's NOT happy. So it's Super Mummy to the rescue and I managed to 'shoo' it away. But how long before it comes back? I mean how many houses in this area has a comfy únder the car spot' 'with a sexy girl pup barking away at him ( I am assuming it's a him) 

So now, she lies at my feet, happy and relaxed, then suddenly she pops up, runs to the doorway and looks to make sure her home is still defended. Quite cute, really considering the fact that she's so tiny and some of the neighbourhood cats are bigger than her.


Singapore 2012

I went to Singapore with Bee Hong and Wei Cheng. I could not have asked for more fun companions. Loads of laughter, loads of adventure and loads of pictures. I have improved in cam-whoring techniques tremendously. Thanks to Wei Cheng, my personal tour coordinator, days were planned in details and we maximised out time there. Singapore is almost Bee Hong's 2nd home and hence, whenever I walked intoMRT station, I don't have to worry about which train to hop into or where to alight. Except for the 1st journey. Silly me decided to use my brain and we got separated.

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