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Has he eaten?

Andrew, my husband talks in his sleep. Most of the time is to scold people..........probably his staff in the office. Once, I was lying besides him, hard at work on my Nintendo, he blurted, "I asked you to do it, why didn't you?"

I quickly pressed the Pause button and asked, "Huh?" But he was snoring away, so I deduced it must have been another 'Scold his staff' moment.

Lately, his talk has been of a different kind. Many weeks ago, he said, "Has he eaten?" 

I wanted to ask who was it he was talking about but of course I will get no answer. But I do recognise the tone was used when he ask if Wookie has eaten or if anybody has fed him.

More recently, he blurted, "Does he have water?"

It's obvious now. He's NOT talking about David!

And last week, "Eh? What are you doing out here?!"

Wookie has been adventurous lately, running outside whenever he knows the family is going out. I suppose HE wants to go too. And hence, the Blurt.

Alison thinks her Papa's only concerned about Wookie these days. If anyone of us gets a haircut or do something new or interesting, she contended that he will not notice. But if it's Wookie..... "Oooooo, you took a bath today ah!" 

Wookie knows that he will always get a game of Fetch with his Papa. After dinner, when Andrew plonks himself in front of the TV, Wookie will bring his beloved green ball. "No! I am not playing with you" (The Papa says) His foot will kick the ball and Wooks will run after it. (The Papa does)  

This is the common scenario in the Cheong household every night. Wooks will come to me for cuddles, Kor Kor for food and water and Cheh Cheh to bully. So I guess after all the Caser Millan episodes we did not learn much except for the fact that Wookie is probably the leader of the pack. 

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wow. sleep scolding . i would have been scared....
June 29, 2007 | Unregistered Commentersuejan

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