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(Sometime last week. I was in the kitchen)

Alison: (as she was running down from her room ) MUMMY! I WON 4 TICKETS TO PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN!

Me: Hey, Great! When is it?

Ali: Next Wednesday (which was yesterday)

So then, we planned and planned. She began her 1st day at the Choir Festival Workshop yesterday. Being the 1st day, she was worried she could not get off. But in the end, all worked out.

(On Monday morning, this week. I was still in bed - 1st day of my term break)


Me: Wow! That's great! Are you sure you won a PC? That's quite a hefty prize for radio show.

Ali: YES! They said so.

(Last night, at CineLeisure)

We collected the tickets, David, Alison and I. Andrew was working late. We also collected the 'Grand Prize'. But there was no mention of a PC. I asked and they did not know anything about it. I asked Ali again and she was adamant that they told her. Ah, well, we will get to the bottom of it.

We went in very early because it was free seating. Ali chose some very nice seats. 'Couple seats'. Very spacious. David even had a whole couple seat to himself, which means he had 2 seats!

The movie proper? I must say I prefer the 2nd POTC. Then, perhaps I am not doing justice to this one. I kept falling asleep. No, it was not THAT boring. I just had a hypoglycemic incident in the afternoon and after such an incident, I always feel very tired and sleepy. But David agreed with me that it was a little too draggy. There were not many "Oooo" moments like the one when the moonlight hits the un-dead and the skeletal true form was revealed in the 1st movie. Or when Orlando Bloom swashbucklingly swung himself onto a mast a-la Legolas style in the 2nd movie.

The bits I liked in this 3rd movie, (those which I was awake for):

The stone crabs. They are so cute.

The way the Flying Dutchman comes out from the sea.

Johnny Depp. But HE too did not give that "Oooo" moment.

Anything else? Not much, I am afraid. I feel as if I watched it in my dream. *sigh* may have to watch it again.  But I did enjoy an evening out with my favourite boy and girl.



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I thot that Geoffrey Rush's character as Capt. Barbossa outshone Johnny Depp's character this time around.
I am afraid I did not see Dead Man's Chest, but I know from the synopsis that Jack Sparrow was swallowed up by Davey Jones.
BTW, did you guys hang around to see the last few minutes after the credits rolled to a end?
I know a lot of people missed that last part.
June 6, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan

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