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"The people there walk so fast!"

Amanda just got back from her month-long trip to UK (United Kingdom and not Ulu Kelang) So I asked her what was it that struck her most about her trip. "The people there walk so fast!"

Then I remembered. Yes, they DO walk very fast. Years ago, when I was in college in London, I used the London Underground (affectionately known as The Tube) to classes. I could get out at Russell Square station but occasionally, the lift in that station breaks down and one has to climb hundreds of steps up to ground level. I dread that. One of my teacher, Tina Young used to take the stairs EVEN when the lift is working. She's very gungho! 

So, in order to avoid the 'just in case lift at Russell Square breaks down', I will get off at Euston or King's Cross. These two stations are about 20 minutes walk from college. I remember in the early days, I heaved and wheezed my way to college. I was so unused to walking so much. Being a pampered city girl, I was driven everywhere. I, too, noticed that people walked very fast, even old ladies with walking sticks overtook me!

I got a little peeved. 'Hey! I am a dancer. I am in training. How can all these sedentary people be more fit than me? How can they walk so fast!' It was then that I vow to 'beat my own record'. Everyday, I would time myself. I will try to beat the previous day time. Rain, shine or snow, one will see this weird, petite Chinese girl scuttling  across London town. But it paid off. By the end of my college days, I made it to college in 9 minutes flat! I shaved off 11 minutes!

Reader Comments (2)

yup! we just get faster!! wow - i never realised you walked from the tube to get fit! (wasn't 12 hours dancing a day enough for you??!!!)

i hope amanda enjoyed her stay in the uk. it was lovely to meet her - although i must say that her and her aubty just looked so overwhelmed. i think we forget how different london is to almost anywhere else in the country. please visit other places if you come over!

excuse the poor typing skilss, thi dodgy old dancer has had wrist operation number 14 last thursday :-(
July 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJulie
i remembered being in London many years ago. it's not only the pace of the pedestrians that i have keep up with but also a very, very windy London. by windy, i mean strong winds. but Londoners would give me walking direction instead of public transport information. all in all, it is quite a pleasure to walk in London when you are not in a hurry. for a first timer it is the place to hop on and off public transport to order to see the city sights.
July 18, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjonathan

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